Words of Encouragement from the Lord (Author unknown)
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Words of Encouragement from the Lord (Author unknown)

Posted: 2008-04-22 12:06:53

Words of Encouragement from the Lord    (Author unknown)

A few years ago I wrote down these thoughts from a book I was reading. I wrote down page numbers but do not have the author’s name. Until I discover who the author was let’s just except them as being from the Lord. I have a feeling that the real author just wants us to know the Lord’s heart and does not care that his name is not known.

Your dreams are my dreams for your life. I share your excitement for the future and I have big plans for you. I have held them in my heart since before you were born. 

I see the big picture of your life and will take good care of you always. Through twists and turns I will give you my provision. Remember, I can make a way when there seems to be no way.

My gentleness can make you great. My Spirit knows how much to do and will give you the strength to do it. Green pastures and still waters of my presence.

Bask in the fullness of how much I love you, no matter what you face remember I am standing beside you.

I desire to give you the fruits of the Spirit, they will fill your life with great contentment. When you follow me you follow the highest dreams for your life and fulfillment. 

I see the big perspective, you are trying to peer thru a keyhole. When you focus on me you will discover a different perspective, a higher perspective.

Your plans thrown into disarray? Submit yourself and your plans to me. (I am all you need, everything will work out, you’ll see).

Don’t give up, your future is secure with me. I want to see your dreams realized because I gave them to you. I finished my course and you will finish yours also.

I am the anchor of your soul lest you drift into the sea of doubt and unbelief.

Trust me and I will open doors for you and my hand will be upon your life.

You are my treasure. Grace and mercy will follow you all the days of your life. Let me transform you into the person you long to become.

I will fill your day with small pleasures that will bring you joy. Pause and look at the little gifts I give you to bring a smile to your heart. Soon you will have laughter and fulfillment daily with my goodness and my presence.

I desire to see you achieve great things in your life. It will be my plans that I will fulfill in you. Hang your hope on me.

See patience as a farmer watching his field. Give it time and wait for your season. Rest in my love. Rest in my love. You will have your answers in due season. With patience the reward is on the way.

It is an ever flowing river even in drought and parched times. You are planted right by my river, let your roots tap in.

I listen to the words you speak. I am dedicated to you and will never give up on you. Don’t give up on me. 

Even with all these gifts it thrills me most when you acknowledge me as your perfect gift and embrace my love (me).

Come and live with me in the secret place.

Don’t be discouraged when you stumble and fall for I have chosen you, called you and anointed you. I will accompany you for the entire journey.

I will surely answer your heart’s cry. I delight in you.

Life has let you down? I understand completely the disappointments of your heart. Remember, you have not reached the end of the story. I am still at work creating a beautiful tapestry in your life.

My plans far exceed the dreams placed in your heart. I see all, you see a little.

Do you love something more than me? Allow me to be the center. 

Whatever others do to you they have done to me. In the end your integrity will win (uphold you). My glory rests on you.

Everything is my gifts to you. Treat others as I treat you.

Choose the most treasured things for your plate and take time to enjoy them. Live your life in an eternal rhythm rather than by the clock.

My gentleness makes you great. The world needs the gentle touch of my love thru your life. Combine gentle words with kind acts that reveal my goodness to those around you. Treat them with the gentleness with which I treat you.

I love spending time with you now and I will love being with you for eternity in my house (where you will be most happy, and as you can be happy now on earth too).

When you do right and are unjustly treated you honor me by not retaliating. You act like my Son who opened not his mouth in retaliation, but entrusted justice to Me.

I am love, I shall love others thru you.

I am always here waiting for you.


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