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Dec 03, 2014A Message From God: Does The Bible Teach About Revival?
Nov 11, 2014There Is Nothing That The Lord Wants More Than This
Feb 02, 2014The Story of Your Life
Nov 27, 2013"The Eight Names of God"
Jun 19, 2013"Is God Really Like That? Chapter 3
Jun 19, 2013"Is God Really Like That?" Chapter 2
Feb 27, 2013"Sounding The Alarm Over Moral Decline In America And The World"
Jan 26, 2013"Is the Lord Really Like That?"
Oct 20, 2012Our meetings are good enough?? (word given 10-3-12)
Oct 10, 2012Chapter 4 The Tabernacle of David (Last Chapter of "Drawing Near To The Fire Of God")
Sep 24, 2012Chapter 3 Love, from the book "Drawing Near To The Fire Of God"
Sep 19, 2012Chapter 2 Corporate Revival (from the book "Drawing Near To The Fire Of God")
Sep 12, 2012Drawing Near To The Fire Of God (Chapter 1)
Jun 27, 2012Some thoughts on the serious times we live in
May 03, 2012"What Mormons Believe That They Do Not Want You To Know"
Apr 03, 2012Listening to God
Mar 29, 2012Could there be a great move of God coming soon? (2012/2013)
Mar 29, 2012Why I Believe Kenya, Africa Is Catching The Vision
Jan 31, 2012The Lord's Call for Gatherings in the 21st Century
Jan 12, 2012Happy New Year 2012!
Dec 07, 2011Excerpts from " Agape Road"
Nov 29, 20112011 Christmas Luncheon
Nov 29, 2011The Lord Has Shown You Great Things So That You Will Help Others In The Future
Oct 12, 2011Fall Prophecy Gathering!
Oct 05, 2011Entering Autumn
Oct 01, 2011The Life Of God That Sustains Me And My Dreams
Sep 30, 2011"We Will Embrace Your Move" (lyrics by Darrell Evans)
Sep 30, 2011A Message Burning in My Heart From The Lord
Aug 25, 2011Let's Gather and Seek God for Revival
Jul 27, 2011Fellowship With God and With Each Other
Jul 12, 2011A Prayer For Our Nation
Jun 26, 2011Time for a HEART check...
Apr 13, 2011Why is a "church" meeting of Utmost Importance to the Lord? What Kind of Meeting is the Lord Desiring?
Apr 08, 2011The POWERFUL crucifixion of Jesus
Apr 08, 2011Tear Down the Walls
Apr 03, 2011If God isn't done with you...
Feb 24, 2011An Invitation to All for an Iowa Revival Gathering
Feb 16, 2011A Clarion Call to Gather
Feb 14, 2011The "Hidden Ones"
Feb 11, 2011Happy Valentine's Day-2011
Jan 19, 2011A Very Encouraging Word for All Those Working for Revival in the Church
Jan 15, 2011Christian Resolutions and Happy New Year 2011!
Jan 01, 1970Vision of the Present and Coming Western Church
Dec 26, 2010Desiring One Thing-Quotes
Dec 26, 2010Revival Quotes
Dec 22, 2010The Lord may be using our gifts more in the days ahead
Dec 15, 2010A Warning for the End-Times
Dec 05, 2010Don't miss our LIVE Weekly Internet Program!
Dec 05, 2010Christmastime-2010
Nov 27, 2010Christmas Praise Luncheon