"Is God Really Like That?" Chapter 2
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"Is God Really Like That?" Chapter 2

Posted: 2013-06-19 20:03:10 by: David Nelson

Chapter 2, Waiting Upon The Lord     by David Nelson    3-8-13

Do you want to be used more by God? You may believe that you have a lot to give to help others but you have been waiting upon the Lord as to how and when you will be used to a fuller extent. You may have tried many things thinking that by these ideas and actions more will be done for the Lord (even believing that the Holy Spirit has guided you). It may be true that what you have done has been good in the Lord’s sight, but you are still hungry to be used more, and that your “greatest” days are ahead.

Do you still feel frustration? Have you asked the Lord countless times, “I know I can help others, how can I do it, right now few seem interested in my help?” Jesus warned us that the world and even many in the church would become more cold and distrustful. (Matt. 24:10,12) You may feel, “How can I do your will more Lord, how can we get into the revival that we all are longing for, where are the results from our work and the “break-throughs” we have been looking for?”

Here are some encouraging words for you that have helped me have peace in these times of uncertainty. The Lord has used you and I in the past in ways we cannot see, and He often hides the good we have done from us to create more humility in us, which He treasures. There may come a time when we will be needed in some greater works for the Lord but He wants to be sure we will be broken and ready (even though we may have partly given up in our long waiting, with just a sliver of hope left).  Picture, if you will, a retired hero (one who lived in the old west, accurate with a gun when he needed it). He now lives in a little house and most of the world has forgotten who he is. But now God has called on him to make one last stand against an evil band of thugs who have been terrorizing the whole territory or state he lives in. He has been prepared his whole life for this time to stand up and be God’s hero again.

And so, when we go to prayer, we must love God and trust Him and have our eyes on His love and perfect wisdom toward us, that even if He has nothing for us to do or He delays so long “our moment” (which really is His moment, for His glory, and it is His timing), that we are so frustrated with waiting for “our time”, that we can hardly stand it anymore! Maybe there never will be that “moment” or that final “gunfight” for “our” glory, which really is His glory. If we can constantly, every day, give ourselves up to the Lord and say with a pure heart, I love you Lord no matter what you do regarding me, I will do your will if you will just give me the insight as to what, and then also give me the desire to do it, plus the strength. But if nothing comes, then I am content to be in you, you are my reward, I will wait and trust forever, for this will please your heart Oh Lord.

The Lord is dealing with each of us in some similar ways but we are all going through some different things also. Each of us is a different work of art among all God’s extraordinary creations since the beginning of time. And so, there may only be a few answers for you here.  God may not answer all your questions either, but I am sure He loves our trust and our leaning into His bosom when nothing makes sense.
Also, we should never lose our desire to be used by God. Always tell the Lord, “I am still here, whenever you need me, please let me know.” God is well able to let us know what He wants clearly if our hearts are right and waiting on Him. He said that He would guide us by His Spirit. Don’t ever lose your desire to be used by God or your desire to do His will. And if your desire seems to have diminished then ask Him to blow on the embers of your desire to increase the fire again. The Lord has said in His Word that He is at work in us both to desire and to do His good pleasure, and so we say, please keep working in me and create Your desire and Your doing through me!


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