The Lord may be using our gifts more in the days ahead
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The Lord may be using our gifts more in the days ahead

Posted: 2010-12-22 12:09:00 by: David Nelson and Clifford Hilbert

The Lord may be using our gifts more in the days ahead        from David Nelson

Here is a writing by Clifford Hilbert that I liked. The reason I think it is good is because sometimes we may think that God is not using us as much as we would like. But He will do what is right with us and we will be fully satisfied with His work when it is all said and done. Also, in Daniel 11:31-35 it says that those saints who know their God and who are alive during the time of the anti-christ (which may be some of us, read my last writing, A Warning for the End-Times) will be strong and do great exploits. And those who understand will instruct many.... This writing by Clifford encouraged me in the areas of how we may be used more for the Lord in our gifts in the end-times. (please read below)

This is the latest post on my blog  (Clifford Hilbert)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Is There a Doctor in the House?
Recently a dear sister in the Lord wrote me telling me that she hoped the Lord called her home before His judgment was poured out in great measure upon this nation because she is physically disabled and in constant need of pain medication. She knew that medication would be in short supply during the coming years and she might not be able to get any. I fully understand what she was talking about and I knew how she felt. There is nothing wrong with hoping that the Lord calls her home because Paul himself wanted to go be with the Lord, but knew that the Lord had more work for him to do here on earth, so don't judge this woman because of her desires to be with the Lord.

My response to her was that during the coming years of great judgment upon this nation, that the power of the Holy Spirit would be greater than we can imagine and the Lord will use many of us to heal the sick and infirm so that they do not need medicine and pain killers. I believe this with all my heart.

But His power will not be given to those who have been seeking it for years so that they can do great things for Him and thus build up their own ministries and/or be recognized as a "mighty person of God". No, it will be given to those whom He can trust to use it as He tells them to use it for His purposes, and His purposes alone. It will be given to the humble who will not use His power to lift themselves up, but rather who will use it to see God Himself lifted up.

Back in 1983 the Lord anointed me with the gift of healing. He had me use it in church the next Sunday for one person, a woman who had been in and out of mental hospitals for several years since the death of her son. I did not know this woman nor did I know what her problems were. But the Lord had me anoint her with oil and prophesy over her. In dreams over the next few days He told me what would happen the next time I saw she and her husband. She would be a new woman, delivered from this horrible depression and mental torment and set free with a new life. Three weeks from that Sunday I saw she and her husband and they told me the exact words that the Lord told me in the dream they would say - she was a new woman, a new wife. The Lord had healed her!

That was the only time that He has let me use that gift. It is now 27 years later and He has not let me use it again, even on people whom I loved and wanted to see healed. The time is coming in the near future when He will release me to use the gift of healing in mighty ways, but only when, and on whom, He tells me. It will not be as I will, but as He wills.

So will it also be with many of you in the years to come when His judgment is poured out upon this nation. He will give many of you the gifts of healing and miracles in the coming days, to use as He directs you, not to use as you desire. In the coming days there will be many who will be physically and/or mentally ill who will not have access to medicine because there will be very little medicine available in this country. There will be shortages of everything, including medicine. But the Lord is merciful and He will provide His healing power for many who are ill in those days. His power of miracles will be used to let the blind see, the lame walk, the deaf hear, the mute speak. Arms and legs that have been lost will miraculously appear. Hearts that have serious medical problems will be instantly healed. Mental and emotional problems will be healed. Cancer will be healed. Arthritis will be removed from joints. Demons will be cast out. These things He will do through us FOR HIS GLORY AND HIS GLORY ALONE. Many will be saved and led to Him because of these things.

Where will these things take place? Wherever He wants them to happen. Sometimes they will happen when you meet someone on the street and the Lord tells you to pray for them right then and there. Sometimes He will have someone come and knock on your door and say "I don't understand this, but I felt led to come to your house just now", these will be people whom you have never met before. The Lord will tell you how to pray for them and He will heal them of whatever it was that was causing them a problem. Many will then give glory to God. But many will not, just as happened in Jesus' time.

Yes, sometimes He will even use us in churches. He will send us to a particular church one Sunday for no reason that we can comprehend. But when we get there He will tell us what to do, who to pray for, who He wants to heal. But let me warn you my brothers and sisters, some of the people may accept you and love you for what God is doing through you, but most of the leaders of the churches will not, because they are not doing it and controlling it and getting the glory. Just as the Pharisees and Sadducees rejected and persecuted Jesus, so also shall we be persecuted and run out of the churches.

Even in the places of refuge the same things will happen sometimes. Expect to be rejected and expect to be persecuted - Jesus was, and we are to share in the fellowship of His sufferings. His own people hated Him because He healed the sick and performed great and mighty miracles. Sometimes the Lord will let us be loved and accepted, other times we will be hated because we showed people the love of Jesus.

Remember the story of the man who was bound in the catacombs but kept breaking the chains. He was filled with legions of demons. Jesus set him free and ordered the demons into the herd of swine who promptly ran off the cliff and drowned. What did the people say to Jesus? They asked Him to leave their town. So also shall we be asked to leave churches and places of refuge for doing the will of the Lord healing people and setting them free from demons.

The Lord will use us to do mighty things in the near future, but be prepared for the persecution and rejection that will come along with it.     


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