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Mar 04, 2007Prophetic Ministry News- May-June 2007
Mar 03, 2007WHAT DO YOU THINK? (March)
Mar 03, 2007How Revival Happens: USA -1745 by Chris "PrayIn Tongues"
Mar 03, 2007Quote by C.S. Lewis
Mar 03, 2007Journal Excerpts (March)
Feb 28, 2007Spirit Walk by David Nelson
Feb 28, 2007The State of the Church by David Nelson
Feb 03, 2007February 2007-We love God!
Feb 03, 2007The Personal Revival I am Looking for by David Nelson
Feb 03, 2007Will revival be coming to me and our area? Excerpts from article by Alex Buchan
Feb 03, 2007Excerpts from Ask for the Ancient Paths by Jessica Jones, Xulon Press, 2006
Feb 03, 2007Word from the Lord in St. Genevieve, MO, Gayla Blumenberg
Feb 03, 2007Excerpts from 1700 Years is Long Enough by James H. Rutz
Feb 03, 2007Prophetic Ministry News-February 2007
Feb 03, 2007Excerpts from The Road to Reality by K.P. Yohannan
Feb 03, 2007WHAT DO YOU THINK? (February)
Feb 03, 2007Journal Excerpts (February)
Jan 31, 2007GREAT Prayer Quotes! 2-28-07
Jan 31, 2007POSITIVE COMMENTS from Prophetic Ministry Iowa website users!
Jan 19, 2007Prophetic Ministry News-January 2008
Jan 04, 2007NEW CHRISTIANS-Ideas to strengthen your faith!
Jan 04, 2007Happy New Year-2007!
Jan 04, 2007Prophetic Writing-Thoughts for the New Year 2007-by David Nelson
Jan 04, 2007Prophetic Word-Get the Word Out-10-3-06-David Nelson
Jan 04, 2007Quote by Leonard Ravenhill
Jan 04, 2007Prophetic Ministry News-January 2007
Jan 04, 2007NEW CHRISTIANS-Basics of Discipleship-True Repentence-Part I-by David Nelson
Jan 04, 2007NEW CHRISTIANS-Discipleship Basics-The Word of God-Part I-by David Nelson
Jan 04, 2007NEW CHRISTIANS-Discipleship Basics-Disappointments-by David Nelson
Jan 03, 2007Excerpts from-the crucified ones-by Charles E. Newbold, Jr.-calling forth the end-time remnant 1990
Dec 30, 2006Prophetic Ministry News-December 2006
Dec 30, 2006WHAT DO YOU THINK? (Additional response-December)
Dec 30, 2006WHAT DO YOU THINK? (December)
Dec 30, 2006Peace and Goodwill to All! - Christmas 2006
Dec 03, 2006Good Tidings of Great Joy! - Christmas 2006
Dec 03, 2006NEW CHRISTIANS-Relationship with the Lord-by David Nelson
Dec 03, 2006Qualification for Serving The Lord's Purposes-T. Austin Sparks
Nov 30, 2006Excerpts from The Desire of God's Heart by Rick Bewsher
Nov 30, 2006Prophetic Ministry News-November 2006
Nov 30, 2006What the World Needs to See by David Nelson
Nov 30, 2006The Spiritual Guide by Miguel Molinos and Personal Thoughts of David Nelson
Nov 29, 2006Poetry by James A. Stewart
Nov 29, 2006Happy Thanksgiving 2006!
Nov 29, 2006WHAT DO YOU THINK? (November)
Nov 26, 2006Prophetic Writing-Heaven Come Down-11-26-06-by David Nelson
Nov 03, 2006Prophetic Vision-"JUST ONE ROAR of the LION"-by S. Jha
Oct 22, 2006WHAT DO YOU THINK? (Additional response-October)
Oct 21, 2006WHAT DO YOU THINK? (October)
Oct 19, 2006Prophetic Vision and Message from Sandra-South Africa (October)
Oct 03, 2006Poetry by Amy Carmichael (October)