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Oct 03, 2006Prophetic Word for 10-3-06
Oct 01, 2006 Prophetic Ministry News-October 2006
Sep 11, 2006Prophetic Word-Missouri Camp Meeting 9-11-06 (October)
Jan 01, 1970WHAT DO YOU THINK? (April)
Jan 01, 1970Journal Excerpts (April-2007)
Jan 01, 1970Prophetic Ministry News- April 2007
Jan 01, 1970Rise Up Oh Man of God!
Jan 01, 1970The Call of a Revivalist by Tina Dyer
Jan 01, 1970Excerpts from "Mountains of Spices" by Hannah Hurnard
Jan 01, 1970Excerpts from "The Army of God Mobilizes..." by Rick Joyner
Jan 01, 1970Vision of the Present and Coming Western Church