Entering Autumn
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Entering Autumn

Posted: 2011-10-05 19:56:21 by: Julie Pisacane

We thank God for inspiring Julie to write this touching poetry about autumn.  You can read more of Julie's poetry at www. christianpoetry.org

Entering Autumn
© BY:
Julie Pisacane

As the wind dances with leaves on the ground
Splashes of color float all around.

Small fires are made in the fireplace-
Warming the rosy cheeks of each face.

Children crunch leaves under their feet
Apple pies scent the air so sweet.

Birds fluff up their feathers in the cold
Resting in trees that have turned bright gold.

Brisk winds bring about a blessed season
That God made with perfect reason.

Autumn is beautiful by God's design,
Created with love and Hand's divine.

Inspired by Our Lord


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