"We Will Embrace Your Move" (lyrics by Darrell Evans)
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"We Will Embrace Your Move" (lyrics by Darrell Evans)

Posted: 2011-09-13 20:32:41 by: from David Nelson

“We Will Embrace Your Move” (lyrics from this song by Darrell Evans have a prophetic message for us today)


Comments by David Nelson 9-13-11

I did not write this song but it contains an important prophetic message for our day. Please hear these words from the Lord (the lyrics are in quotation marks).

Of course, individual revival is very necessary to the Lord. The Lord loves each one of us, and as we seek Him (He is now drawing us to Himself) He will show us wonderful things and change our lives. He will put fire in our hearts and in our mouths to share with others. He may also lead us into many hard experiences (as some of you have found) but it is all to give us a greater depth of character and beauty of spirit to be more like Himself. But His other great goal is corporate revival. He wants to bring people together to share the fire He has given to each of us. That is why He has shown us such good things and why He has changed us so that we can share with each other. Each of us has missing pieces of the puzzle and we are meant to give these to each other. God’s greater work is the Church, His Bride, and getting us to connect with each other!

So here are some of the words of the song “We Will Embrace Your Move” and the prophetic message the song contains. It’s a song about corporate revival!

“We recognize that you’re moving among (or in) the earth Lord, and we say, we’re with you, and we’re going to embrace what you’re doing. Don’t leave us behind. We’re with you Lord, we’re with you.”

I believe your reading of this was led by the Lord because you know that the Lord has been speaking to you and others and is moving in the earth again. His prophetic messages are going forth. And I say to the Lord, I will hear, I will heed, I will go with you Lord, I will embrace what you are saying. Don’t leave us where we are, we want to move with you, where you are going. We’re with you Lord!

“Behold our God is gracious, He’s moving among the nations. Preparing the Bride of Jesus, and proving He reigns. His Spirit is tearing down walls, built on the pride of men. To those who’ve rejected Him, He’s reaching His hand out again.”

God’s great work, of course, is in individuals all over the earth, but He is wanting to have a connected, working together, pure Bride. We are not meant to make it alone, we need each other, we need to share what he is giving to us with each other. He is building His Church with living stones being fit together. He will bring us together to show us and the world how great He is. All will say, look what the Lord has done! Walls must come down that stand between us, the doctrines, teachings and prideful works of man must fall and be swept out of the way for the Lord to do what He wants. Even for years we may have walked in ignorance but God is graciously saying, OK, enough is enough, what has been is not acceptable, do you not see that my glory has departed from the works of man? But now I am showing you what I require and I will take you by the hand and lead you into all my plans for the Church.

And so, we will embrace your move Oh Lord, we will embrace your love and become a people of your love.

“Our God is preparing a feast, the Spirit and Bride say come. Calling out to the least and filling our lamp stands with oil. And He is restoring His people with rains of sweet renewal. And the music of heaven will soon overtake the earth.”

The feast is the corporate gatherings where God will have His way 100%, and He will bring out of His treasuries much more than we have seen before. It will not be one person on a hilltop hearing from the Lord but 2 or 3 or more will come together and share. It will not be one stick burning but a bonfire of people sharing rich, heavenly things. Many are hearing God’s call but are making excuses and not coming, not answering the call, not embracing His move. But there will be a remnant of “the least” who will say yes and who will get filled with the oil of the Holy Spirit. There must be a restoring of all things that God wants that He has spoken through all of His prophetic voices of old and all true prophetic words today too. And the wonderful things that happen at the meetings that God will bring together, sweet revelations, beautiful new songs, the presence and fire of God experienced like never before will begin here and there and soon will fill the earth. We will taste heaven at the meetings he has for us now, and one day when God has His ways over the whole earth it will be like heaven on earth when the Lord is here with us.

I embrace His move, what do you want us to do Lord, we are yours. And I believe that people reading this will embrace His move too. “Don’t leave us behind. We’re with you Lord, we’re with you.”


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