The Life of God That Sustains Me and My Dreams
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The Life of God That Sustains Me and My Dreams

Posted: 2011-10-01 13:22:39 by: David Nelson

The Life Of God That Sustains Me And My Dreams     by David Nelson    9-30-11

Every one of us lives 24 hours a day and we do not always have someone to encourage us every day. If we are born again Christians the Lord has said to us that He will never leave us or forsake us, He will be with us, even through dark valleys when we don’t feel He is there. I felt that I should write something about what sustains me all the hours and days when no worldly comfort or comfort from others has helped. The following are some Biblical principles and life experiences that have helped me in the last 40 years.

It is always the Lord who loves us, holds us up, helps us to keep standing, gives us grace to face and live with (for a while) hard things and very hard things.  Could quote lots of verses here but I want more to give my life experience (you probably know the verses, or I could send them to you if you’d like). Everything good we have done (including getting saved), every good thing we are, and every good thing we achieve in the future (including making it to heaven) is by His grace, by His gifts, and His strength. Yes, it seems we have some responsibility in all this but it is the Spirit at work in us that gives us the desire to do something good and it is the Spirit who gives us the doing power to do it. Every step we take, whether our mind understands it or not, is ordered by the Lord. When we sin or step in the wrong direction He will show us by correcting us (whether that be by feeling guilty or whatever way He sees fit). He guides us, helps us to pray, even these words can keep us out of trouble, “lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil.”

Does this all sound a little too easy and that life is really much harder than what I’ve said? Saints of the past and even some today have gone through dark days, weeks, or even years and have felt great spiritual and mental pain. And sometimes these times of anguish have lasted much longer than they thought they could bear. But did not the apostle Paul feel despair, which I believe is as close as you can get to, “There is no escape!”) Sometimes the vision God has given us seems as though it will never come to fruit, just like Joseph, who may have felt that his dreams would never come true.

One of the strong messages in the book of Daniel that we must learn is that at any moment the Lord can demote someone (take them down) and promote someone (even of low estate) to where He wants them to be. We must know that God rules in all the affairs of heaven and in all the affairs of earth to do as He wills, when He wills. And you and your dream are on His schedule to bring forth in you what He wants, when He wants. Just hang in there and be faithful to keep holding on to His hand!

All the troubles, trials, waiting, melting, burning up, is a cleansing and molding process specifically designed for what God wants to make you. I have always felt that as we look at the beautiful things God has designed and made all around us that He is a master artist. He can paint, sculpture and make fantastic and beautiful things. So, if He has started a work on you as though you are a work of art, does He not know how to make the perfect you! You and I are works of art. What He has begun He will finish. If we keep the faith He will get us to heaven too. If we endure until the end we will be saved. You are saved now by His grace too.

As with all of us, my prayer times have kept me linked with God. And I want to be sincerely thankful for the little or big things He does for me each day (or even if He does things just once in awhile). If I don’t pray for a few days, He is faithful and I trust that He loves me. If I don’t hear from Him or receive anything (I can see) from Him for a few days (or even longer), He is the same, He has not changed, He has not left me (though it seems that He has, or that He is hiding His face from me).

The Lord is breathing spiritual life on me and into me day and night whether I know it fully or not. That’s why I am still “alive and kicking” in my relationship with Him and in continuing to do the work He has put me on earth to do. I know that you are the same. Sometimes you may feel like you are just barely hanging in there but I hope the above words will be an encouragement to you. I am your friend and brother in the faith and I look forward to the day when we can meet face to face and share with each other the good things the Lord has put in our hearts. I bless you in Jesus’ name!

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