Comments by David Nelson following Rick Joyner article
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Comments by David Nelson following Rick Joyner article

Posted: 2007-07-25 18:39:00

Comments by David Nelson    7-24-07    following the article by Rick Joyner titled  

“I just had TWO OF THE MOST POWERFUL VISIONS IN YEARS (about the kingdom and the Church)”

Comments by David Nelson:  

1st paragraph: What was in the Lord’s heart before creation and what the main desire of His heart is now. It is the love He has for His Bride, the Church. 

*(Please note, I (David Nelson) have not been teaching “kingdom” teachings. I have not been following what has been taught on this subject. It is not that I agree or disagree with any, some, or all of what is being taught. I just have not been following these teachings and do not say whether there is danger or good, I am not warning or exhorting in this area of teaching. It seems that Rick Joyner has made a shift in priority from “kingdom” to the Bride, not that “kingdom” for him is negated but just takes “2nd place.” The ministry we have (Prophetic Ministry Iowa) has more emphasized the Bride and their relationship to the Lord individually and corporately).

2nd paragraph: The Lord’s love for the Bride far supersedes His love for creation. It is now more important than ever to see the Church (Bride) made ready for Him.

3rd paragraph: The most important thing is that the Bride needs to have so much love and passion for God that she loves to be close to Him more than anything else. The motive for the Bride’s desire to change and be made ready is a pure love for the Lord, not ambition to accomplish, be seen, or be recognized. Fulfilling our earthly purpose should be important to us and it is important to the Lord but being with Him, knowing Him, and seeing Him pales compared to our work or our purpose.

4th paragraph: To comprehend Him better and to grow even the slightest in our relationship with Him is the main thing which will transform our lives the most. So, to see Him more clearly will move us closer to the stature we are called to. This anointing is what I (Rick Joyner) am praying for above anything else—I want an anointing that points to Him and that I and others in the Bride are consumed with a desire for Him. We cannot impart this unless we have this love for God (to some extent). Loving God is our first and highest calling. The one who loves Him the most will attain a greater anointing and will go higher in his/her calling.

7th paragraph: The kingdom of God that is coming on earth will be very wonderful but the Church has an even higher calling. The Church is called to the heavenly realm, to sit with Him on His throne, ruling and reigning with Him. The well known phrase “He is so heavenly minded he is no earthly good” can be misunderstood. If we are too much earthly minded (and not enough heavenly minded) we will only be able to go “so far” on earth for the Lord. Until we have been transformed to be more comfortable in Heaven with the Lord and love being with Him more than anything we will not have “enough” for the earth to change this world. 

8th paragraph: The kingdom will not come to earth until the Bride is ready. Therefore, the most effective thing we can do to help bring the kingdom is to help the Church become what she has been called to be. She is called to sit with Him in the heavens and to be more at home with Him there than she is here.

10th paragraph: There is now and will be a bonding together into the true fellowship of the saints that transcends location. (Not meaning that we should not have local gatherings, of course we should and must). This heavenly family that will result will grow until our spiritual bonding transcends the closest human family. We are not “there” at this time but it is the Lord’s goal (Jesus prayed for it in John chapter 17).

11th paragraph: God has created a yearning in every true Christian’s heart for this bonding in the eternal family of God because it is the destiny we were created for.

12th paragraph: The Lord’s own prayers and prophecies for the unity and the perfection of His Bride must take place before the age can end. (The rapture could come but we still look for the Lord’s prayers for unity to be fulfilled and answered in His time). 

13th paragraph: When those who have been awakened to see more clearly more of the Lord’s goals and desires for His Church they will begin to gather together with others more. And the Lord will be more in the midst of them than ever, and she (the Bride) will fall more in love with Him than she is with herself. Yes, ultimate community will begin to be experienced but it will take 2nd place to the main goal, everyone getting closer to the Lord. He is an even greater desire of the human heart than community but we will need community to get even closer (than we can by ourselves). 

14th paragraph: When we “gather” it is like the parts of a car coming together to accomplish something greater than we can apart. A horn may blow by itself, one tire can roll by itself, an engine can make a fan blow, but when all the parts are put together a car can accomplish much more than the parts by themselves.

17th paragraph: The Bride is the greatest desire of God’s heart, and pleasing Him should be the greatest desire of our hearts, therefore we must help the Church get ready for Him. This in fact is the main way we can help prepare the way for Him and build a highway for Him to come to us.


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