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Prophetic Ministry


Welcome to Prophetic Ministry!


God is speaking His heart to His people. His End-Time purposes are being revealed more and more to all who have ears to hear His voice.

We must ascend the mountain of God to get His fire in our hearts. The Lord will join His people together, living stone to living stone, into a Spirit led, corporate revival.

The Lord Jesus is now perfecting His Bride, the Church. We are to be without spot or wrinkle, He is preparing us for Himself, we are hungry and passionate to know Him. We are learning how to have a closer walk with the Lord.

A prophetic voice is crying out again, "Prepare the way of the Lord, make a highway for our God, make ready a people prepared for the Lord." (Lk. 1:17, 3:4, and Is. 40:3)


Our Purpose and Gifts to the Body of Christ are as follows:

  • To see and hear what the Lord is saying and faithfully give His messages to the Body of Christ.
  • Encouraging and teaching people how to keep a close, personal relationship with the Lord (individual revival) which is essential for our day.
  • Teaching Christians locally and in other geographical locations, how to have meetings that are totally God-centered (corporate revival).
  • As the truths of a close, personal relationship with the Lord and corporate revival are restored to the Church, many people will be drawn and saved at these places of the Lord's presence and power. 
  • Written prophecies and books to hear what the Lord is revealing to the Church.

Read Now This important prophetic word: THE STATE OF THE CHURCH

See Our New Pages:

Revival FireWe need individual revival, a fresh passion to know, love and walk with the Lord much closer and we need more of His presence and fire in our hearts. We also need corporate revival. When each one hears from God it becomes a fire in what we say or do from the Lord.  As God manifests Himself through us more and more, revival fire grows and effects the people around us.  You will hear the call to REVIVAL on this Page. 

Bible ProphecyThe Bible speaks of what must be fulfilled in the coming days. Some things are taking place now and some Bible Prophecies as spoken in Revelation and other Bible books, may still happen in our lifetime (Jesus said, This generation will not pass away till all these things come to pass. (Matt. 24:34)) Some of the key topics presented are: The Tabernacle of David, revival, the fall of Babylon, natural calamities, the rapture, Israel, etc. 

Following JesusJesus said, If anyone wants to be My disciple he must deny himself, take up his cross daily, and follow Me (make a decision to follow Jesus and be born-again). This is the day where the Lord is calling all who will to know His voice clearly as never before, and to have an close relationship with Him. We must focus intently on hearing His voice daily, following Jesus and becoming more what He wants us to be. The present days are darker and more evil than ever and He will have a Bride and a Church who is being prepared in His Holy ways. You will hear His call to a closer relationship on this Page.
and MORE!

Des Moines Ministry Base 

To view upcoming EVENTS in January and February, please click on the EVENTS tab

Emphasizing personal and corporate revival by:

des moines

Prayer--Praying for God's will and mercy regarding individual concerns and local concerns.  Also, praying for state, national and world events that have an impact on our lives.

Internet program--Sunday afternoons from 3-4p at Moines Amplified

More Spiritual Encouragment--God-centered discussion groups, Bible study, and teaching.

  • Office visits are by appointment, call or E-mail
  • Sunday evening meeting, 7:15 pm


Glory Music Ensemble--Christian people who are gifted in music, rehearsing and performing a wide-range of styles (classical to contemporary) that gives honor to God. To see more information, click the Community Outreach tab and then "Glory Music Ensemble."  

Prophetic Forum Meeting--See below:  

Prophetic Forum Meetings

Board Room

What is the Lord speaking to you? The Body of Christ needs to hear what you have to say in an Open Forum, but often we have no place to share the dreams, visions, or prophetic words the Lord has given to us.

The Scriptures say, “In the last days I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh (young and old, high and low) and they will have dreams, visions, and prophetic words.”

This is an opportunity for everyone to share what the Lord has been saying to you, so that we can all learn from each other.  When you are spiritually encouraged you will be able to encourage others.   

We will set aside a morning 9:00 A.M. to Noon with lunch afterwards.  

WHERE can we do this? (In Des Moines or in YOUR city, church, or other pre-determined conference room or home venue)

WHEN will this be? (Set a date for your 1st Prophetic Forum)

A freewill offering will be taken.

Books and prophetic words on revival:

  • Read Now 8 key prophetic words (142 additional prophetic words available - 25 from other authors)
  • Read Now Desiring One Thing - 3 chapters
  • Read Now Flee From Babylon - 6 chapters


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Other book titles available:

  • Where is the Lord in our Church Services?
  • Without Love We Are Nothing
  • Leaving Earth’s Gravity
  • The Best of Revival Prophecies (Book # 1)
  • The Knitting of Our Hearts
  • The True Meaning of Salvation


Find more publications and information at Shop PMI


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