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The Spiritual Guide by Miguel Molinos and Personal Thoughts of David Nelson

Posted: 2006-11-30 00:32:21

The Secret Place           5-30-05

 #1-8 are gleaned from The Spiritual Guide by Miguel (Michael) Molinos,
written in Rome 1675

(Anyone found in possession of this book will be excommunicated, Papal Decree 1687)

 The Seed Sowers Christian Books Publishing House, Auburn, Maine 1982
(had not been published for 100 years)

 with David Nelson’s Personal Thoughts #9-14

  1. If you want to get to a place of closeness to God that is beyond anything you see or have experienced around you so far, and no book has ever said or could show you exactly how to get there (for yourself) and you have to go through darkness and dryness and the silence of God into a wilderness place to learn how to get there and you still seem so far, and yet God is calling you to himself (you feel it) and you refuse to give up until you find Him more and more, then you are on the right track. This is the journey you are on, now, and no matter what happens you will advance toward Him one step at a time.
  2. Every step we take towards the Lord we believe is his call to come and every step we take towards the Lord we are intending to draw near to Him. No matter what good feelings or good results are lacking we believe that (a) he sees our intent (b) that fruit will come according to his time-table and (c) that he is pleased that we continue each step to press towards Him (even if we seem to see nothing).
  3. All things that come into your life are from the hand of God (all trials, delays, troubles, tragedies, lack of success, etc.). We rest in his love and in his plan for us that may be much different than we thought but still we accept it as his plan unfolding perfectly.
  4. Embrace suffering, darkness, dryness for they are given by God to push you to believe in his goodness regardless and to trust the Lord and to rest in Him without good feelings or apparent success.
  5. To learn a love rest in him that will maintain you when all contrary circumstances and contrary people come into your life and also all disappointments in yourself.
  6. When good feelings leave or God hides his face and you must travel on in your journey by faith alone (like Job in the Bible said, “I do not see the Lord but he sees me.”).  We must also say, He loves me, He sees me, He is working out his perfect plan for me. When there is dryness or all outward progress seems to end we must be driven to a comfort place in God that has nothing to do with outward senses or success.
  7. If you desire any good, however spiritual it may be, let it be desired in such a manner that you be not disquieted (troubled or anxious) if it is not granted you (when you want, or ever). But you are to rest in Him.
  8. When we find Him alone and want Him alone that will be when he is all to us and we are nothing. When you know that you are nothing then there is nothing that disquiets (or troubles) you.

David Nelson's Personal Thoughts

  1. Set aside one time a day (or maybe 3 times a day like Daniel in the Bible) before other things to be alone with the Lord. (remember to listen and not just talk, that it should be a dialogue with the Lord and not just a monologue). Maybe you should do this1st thing in the morning, or before a meal, or before other people come home, or before you normally get tired. Maybe a morning sacrifice, a noon sacrifice and an evening sacrifice. Could you not watch with me one hour, Jesus asked?
  2. Have we now been given the place to sit at his table every day, receive his food, his daily allowance, wear his clothes, wear his signet ring, with his gold chain around our neck, doing his bidding each day. Even if what we do seems little, it is exactly as he has directed. His great plan for each of us and his love for each one will not fail if we trust him and take his hand each day and walk by his side.
  3. I look at nature every day and see his love, his power, his greatness, his gifts, his beauty, etc.
  4. Nothing bothers me because I am dead, looking over the balustrade of heaven and can do nothing about the things around me unless he shows me what to say or do and then gives me success. (Col. 3:1-3)
  5. Be thankful every day for every blessing great and small. Count your blessings, name them one by one.
  6. Try to touch each person you meet with the presence of the Lord. Get the Lord’s assignments each day (or as often as he gives them) to write, call, e-mail or pray for others so that people will be encouraged to draw near to the Lord. Maybe you will send them something to read or maybe it is just your friendship and talking. Hopefully, this will connect people with the Lord more and also we will all be connected to each other more.

Poetry by James A. Stewart

Posted: 2006-11-29 23:26:15

Lord Crucified, give me a heart like Thine!
Teach me to love the dying souls of men--
And keep my heart in closest touch with Thee:

And give me love--pure Calvary's Love

To bring the lost to Thee.

Happy Thanksgiving 2006!

Posted: 2006-11-29 23:24:45

To You and Yours!


"Oh, give thanks to the LORD, for He is good!
For His mercy endures forever." Ps. 118:29


Posted: 2006-11-29 23:06:56

WHAT DO YOU THINKabout the excerpts below?

Excerpts from Azusa Street by Frank Bartleman
Bridge Publishing, Monmouth, Gwent, UK

In the early 1900s, the name “Azusa Street” became synonymous with the Holy Spirit’s renewal in America.  What began in a Los Angeles barn became a powerhouse and streaked across America like fire.


“There was a general spirit of humility manifested in the meeting.  They were taken up with God.  Evidently the Lord had found the little company at last, outside as always, through whom he could have right of way.  There was not a mission in the country where this could be done.  All were in the hands of men.  The Spirit could not work.”

“A body must be prepared, in repentance and humility, for every outpouring of the Spirit.  The preaching of the Reformation was begun by Martin Luther in a tumble down building in the midst of the public square in Wittenberg….In the revival in Wales the great expounders of England had to come and sit at the feet of crude, hard working miners, and see the wonderful works of God.”


RESPONSE:  Help us, Lord, to let you have the “right of way” in all our meetings.  Help us be prepared for an outpouring of your Holy Spirit.  Help us to be humble and repentant before you and earnestly seek your face-Sybil N.

“And you will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart.” Jeremiah 29:13


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Prophetic Writing-Heaven Come Down-11-26-06-by David Nelson

Posted: 2006-11-26 09:18:12

Heaven Come Down!    A Taste of Heaven

The Lord wants us to know what it is like in His heaven. He is opening up the Holy of Holies for us to come in. Whether heaven comes down to where we are or whether we go up for a visit is not as important as the fact that we can taste what heaven is like, being in his presence and experiencing the love, joy, kindness and gentleness among the angels and in the saints that fills all of heaven.

The Lord wants to be in the midst of His people as we gather on the earth and he wants to speak to us and be with us but we must want this, seek Him, and make ourselves ready in purity of heart and life. He is ready to be with us but we must make a place for Him to come where the hearts of those gathered are ready to receive His presence.

Many times we hear of people experiencing the Lord mightily at a meeting and being caught up with Him while others are looking on and wanting more too. But what the Lord is wanting even more is to come to a group gathered and bring them up all together into His place. Angels are so kind, polite, gentle and loving because they live in His love, gentleness and kindness and it is the way of the Lord that they live. Saints who are in heaven live in joy, peace, rest, love and have arrived at the unity of hearts with one another and the Lord that we have always longed for and that He has always planned. The Lord wants to come to a gathering where there is total forgiveness, forbearance, acceptance of one another and where there are hearts famished for His presence. We must want to “see Him” together. The Lord has always wanted us to be one in heart. (See John 17) For this to be accomplished there will need to be a baptism of love and fire and His Spirit. Ask yourself this, are we being prepared to have the Father’s heart toward one another, to love one another as the Father loves the Son? Are we being prepared to see that He wants us to love each other and to be one? Are we longing that brothers and sisters have the love for one another that Jesus has for all of us? Do we look at even the least of the brethren with compassion, warmth, tears and agape love? He is preparing His bride even now to love with this kind of depth and warmth, and not only towards the least of the brethren but even towards mean and hardened sinners. He is changing us as His deep calls to our deep that this is what He longs for and this is what He wants (and we are coming to want it too). No, it is not just a personal desire to experience the Lord’s presence and His heaven deeply just for us alone. But the Lord’s heart desires will never be completed when He has one “Enoch” over here and one “Enoch” over there pleasing His heart with their individual walks. As great as this is that He can have an individual love and walk close to Him, as much as it pleases His heart so richly to have one in a beautiful, restful, love walk with Him (He is ravished with that one, His heart beats faster when that one draws near to Him (Song of Songs 4:9) and we are becoming more ravished with Him each day). But He is putting a further goal and desire in our hearts, to draw near to Him with others.

He wants those of kindred hearts to gather. He is ready to come into our midst as we gather as never before. He is getting us ready to gather and expect Him to come to us as never before. He will take us step by step to this place of experiencing heaven together. The veil is getting very thin. He is getting ready for us to come to heaven permanently and never leave. But He is now ready to come to us with his presence even as if we were before His throne now, He is wanting to speak to us all, even as though He were speaking from His throne and we were all gathered before Him, He wants us to feel the love (and all other aspects of his character) that fills heaven, He wants this sweetness of love, kindness and unity to fill our hearts for one another in our gatherings and the awesome love for Him and He for us. This will all come together so that His love will fill the room we gather in.

Come to the table that is now prepared. Make your heart ready to receive this. Put on the wedding garment, let your heart be purified of all sinful and worldly thoughts that have made our hearts cluttered and tainted. He is wooing us now, He is calling us now, He is courting us now. He wants us to taste His home where He lives and taste it more and more in our daily walk and as He calls us to gather. He has so much more for us daily but He also is moving us toward corporate experiences that will be so much more than we can experience alone (or at least will be the necessary completing of our lives and the completing of His plans). Will you come? Will you gather for more of heaven to come down, more of Him in our midst, more of His love to saturate, fill and anoint our lives?

Here is a quote from a letter by Samuel Rutherford, a Scottish preacher, written from prison in Aberdeen, Scotland, August 8, 1637:

I would far rather look through the hole of Christ’s door, to see but the one half of His fairest and most beautiful face (for He looks like heaven), though I do not see His excellency and glory to the full, than to enjoy…the chief excellency of the glory and riches of ten worlds.

But I know my Lord is not stingy: He can, and it becomes Him well to give more than my narrow soul can receive.

O if I could invite and persuade thousands, and ten thousand times ten thousands of Adam’s sons, to flock about my Lord Jesus, and to come and take their fill of (His) love! Oh! Oh! You poor, dry and dead souls, why will you not come with your empty souls to this huge, and fair, and deep and sweet well of life, and fill your empty vessels? (My own: He is calling us today to the table, whoever will, but many made excuses and would not. But now He is saying to the blind, lame, ugly, hurting, broken, any who will come, come, come to my table, you will be satisfied as never before, I am wooing my Bride and she will hear the voice of my love-calls, she knows it is I).

Alas! All these thousands of years Adam’s fools have been wasting and lavishing their love and affections upon other lovers, upon bits of dead creatures, and broken idols, upon this and that, and have not brought their love and their heart to Jesus. O pity, that the all-together lovely One has so few lovers! O, woe, woe to the fools of this world, who run by Christ to other lovers! O misery, misery, misery, that Beauty (such as this) can scarce get 3 or 4 hearts in a town or in a country (to come)!

David Nelson

Prophetic Vision-"JUST ONE ROAR of the LION"-by S. Jha

Posted: 2006-11-03 23:55:52

-by S. Jha

I  saw this vision on the 22nd of August 2006:

I saw a Lion. I walked with Him to a very high Rock. The Lion then Climbed the Rock, and Stood on the very top of this high Rock. I stood below, looking up at Him.

He let out a LOUD ROAR.

And EVERYTHING in the atmosphere/universe changed.

In a flash I had a 360 degree vision, and what I am about to relate happened in a flash, but I spent the whole of the 22nd of August, just waiting on God to see in 'slow motion', what I had seen in a speedy flash, and understand what I had seen.

I was told that my mind could not grasp the vastness of the changes I saw in the Vision. So I stayed at home, and did not take up any duties but spent the whole day, off and on, every few hours just re-visiting this vision and seeing it unfurl in more detail, now at a speed that I could cope with. I don't think I have ever seen such a lengthy vision, condensed into a 360-degree vision flash before.

Frame by frame this is what I saw:

I saw Empires fall, and wars begin.

I saw that where previously, formulas and general understanding were proven, it did not work any more, where there were people and places overflowing with money one moment, the next morning the moneyed had nothing.

I saw many 'proven' thoughts, and ways now nullified.

I saw that the balance was tipped in favor of the East.

I saw Angels who had been working in the North and Northwest, recalled and sent East.

I saw children snatched out of the hands of some of the parents.

Fresh food stopped in the western area and was diverted to the East. The fertile became barren and the barren became fertile.

All this, from Just One Roar of the Lion.

I saw 3 long lines of writing in the sky. It read:

Lost, Lost, Lost.

But below, it I saw the word: Gain , gain, gain....where this line ended I could not see, as it
just continued on, endlessly.

I saw that the East gained money, food, etc.

The losses were loss of power, prestige, money, position.

I saw:

Where a soldier stood to load his gun, to shoot, even the last single bullet he had was taken away.

Where a soldier stood ready for packing his gun, where truce had been declared, divine bullets loaded his gun, and led him to shoot.

In the Universe, expected cosmic events were diverted and unexpected ones were brought forth.

Deserts bloomed, greenery was made barren. Light that had focused on the West, now moved East.

This was so sudden that it was like saying, "One morning I woke up, and all was changed."

(Scripture: Amos 3: 8: )
The lion hath roared, who will not fear? The Lord God hath spoken, who can but prophesy?

The Lion has Roared.

Dark clouds disintegrated from one place and gathered in another.  Whilst there was a West to East exchange on a large level, on individual levels there were changes too. Everything, everything, everything, was changing.

All this from, Just One Roar of the Lion.

Just that One Roar, and things from here, were flying there and vice versa.

People/ Nations, who had got used to a way of life/of thinking, were in for either a shock or a surprise.


The hungry were fed, and the fed, went hungry. All opposites were happening.

Many homeless were housed, and many of those with homes became homeless.

Light became dark and dark became light.

Whatever the present situation, the opposite was happening.

Many rich became poor and many of the poor became rich.

All this, from Just One Roar of the Lion.

Clouds that were meaning to rain, suddenly disintegrated and it rained elsewhere, where least expected.

People were in puzzlement. They said to themselves, "but I thought.."  No, nothing would be as "I thought. "

Many were saying, "But it always worked this way". Now no more. For those who said, "It's never worked for me," they were surprised to know that it will, now.

Heralds blew trumpets, proclaiming: "End of empire, end of empire."

Anyone who had been a Specialist, Monopolist, the kingpin in any area of his life/business, now that would begin to end. Nations that had empires or aspirations building towards it, would now see the beginning of the end of those empires.

Nothing was the same. Everything, everything had changed.

Just One Roar Of The Lion.

And He Has Roared.

Empty pockets were filled, the filled emptied.

Strategic changes were taking place. Whatever had worked like clockwork would not work now.

People of peace were making war, and warring nations calmed down.

For the warring nations it was like the wind was taken out of their sails.

Just as Egypt, Persia, Babylon, Rome, Britain etc were all once super powers/empires, but their reign and era ended, so now any 'super power' or aspirations thereof, was being diffused. Nations that were looked up to were now beginning to be looked down upon and vice versa.

Balance of power and favor had shifted East.

Angels in the West, held Gold Books. One book was titled "Most Wanted", the other, "Most Favored."

'The Most Wanted' Book had living photographs of the most evil people, the traitors etc. Each one was dealt with and disposed.

The Most Favored, in the other gold Book with living photographs, were some of those, who had lived through most desolate conditions, such were lifted up.

(All that is related here, remember, was happening all at once.)

In the midst of all this, I heard the Angels sing: Glory, Glory, Glory.

Time was sped up in some places, in others, it was slowed down. Wild beasts were all crouching in fear, afraid.  I saw the milk inside of cows curdle.

Just One Roar Of the Lion.

I saw Eagles, fitted with miniature bells. The bells were so minute, it was hard to believe that if they rang any could hear. Eagles did not speak, they just carried the bells that were fitted to their beaks. People were to 'read' the sounds.  Wheresoever the Eagles flew, to some the ringing of the bells was as a very high, deafening pitch. I was not allowed to hear this high pitch sound, but it was revealed to me, that it was an unbearable/deafening high pitch sound. But there were others who heard the same bells, which the Eagles had attached to their beaks, and to these the sound transmitted was different. It was sheer music. I heard this. Such people, had their hands lifted high and they were happily sighing and exclaiming, "Finally"!

I saw Angels collect gold crowns from those in the North, and they dipped the crowns in a smoky place (the kind of smoke one sees with dry ice), and when the crowns emerged from the smoke, they looked exactly the same, but now they were silver.

No matter in which direction I looked all had changed.

It seemed that the very nature of nature changed.

Volcanoes that were dormant, the ashes were removed, and a new fire was lit in them. It seemed that certain species, suddenly became extinct.

Reams of paper fell from the sky; paper and pens were sent down, for Chroniclers and Historians, for it was going to be a busy time for them.

Nothing of all creation was left untouched, at Just One Roar of The Lion.

Outside, the earth looked still, but within were rapid-fire changes. Quick, sudden, some were devastating, others surprisingly favorable, but this favor was mostly for the East.

I saw what looked like a flight-path that normally airlines describe on their brochures, as routes of flights/destinations.

For prophets, their flight -paths were moved from here to there, as if randomly, but it was not random, it was the Plan of God for prophets. Prophets will be suddenly moved, and see things from a new vantage point.

I saw some people become tar, whilst others became fountains of water.

Just One Roar Of The Lion.

Many changes took place in the Universe. On earth, snows of old melted, and water in unlikely places froze.

It is no ordinary thing, when the Lion Roars.

Those dressed warm in the winter, had their clothes taken away, they were left naked. But the naked street-dweller was clothed.

There was a divine transfer of wealth, knowledge, and understanding.

People, who'd talked and talked for years, had their mouths taped. But, as in Ezekiel 24: 2, those that had been mute for a season now spoke.

As the vision progressed, I heard the Lord Say: "My People have no roof over their head. I Am their Roof."

I was flown speedily, over building after building, and as we flew, I heard the Lord Say: "Not Mine, not Mine, not Mine, not Mine, not Mine, not Mine, not Mine."

Now I was despairing. What then was God's?

Then I was shown, people in the fields, with instruments. They had no roof over their heads. These were God's own.

The buildings we flew over, were demolished by an elephant's trunk and many T.V. Studios had a fire underneath them.
Apparently these buildings had been re-built on the same grounds where prior buildings had been condemned and burnt. These new buildings had been built on the foundations of charred remains and ashes.

I saw oil poured out from the sky, in two separate ways. One fell over people who gladly received it over them and laughed in the 'oil rain'. On the other hand, for others, the oil rain caused to be set aflame all that was below.

All that was up to the present became obsolete, and new technology, the secrets of which were hidden in nature, appeared.

Science made simple but profound discoveries. I saw Scientists have a 'Eureka' moment. For many who were researching, studying, looking for, the 'thing', it was right there before their very noses. Once they saw it they slapped their foreheads, lamenting, "Silly me"!

Follies of science were exposed. The simplicity of the discoveries to come were mind-boggling.

Just One Roar Of The Lion.

The very nature of nature seemed to be changing. It was as unbelievable as Isaiah 11: 6-8, 'the wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid;...

In some places, I saw an overabundance of wheat, which flowed into the sea, as it was so plentiful. But in other places, I saw land, which was once green, and was now parched land where nothing grew.

I saw beautiful blooms on cactus/desert plants.

He, who understands these changes, will prepare.

The Earth was in a global eclipse. One half had light, the other half was in darkness. It seemed that plates were shifted/removed from the earth. There were people who raged against God. " We'll do what we have to, let Him do what He Wants to," they were saying.

Trees trembled. They knew that their time to be cut had come. To many, prophets and counselors were restored, but from others, the prophets and counselors departed. Sadly, those from whom they departed noticed it not.

Focus/emphasis of the Church, and the world, due to the presence of new circumstances, changed.

All this, by Just One Roar Of The Lion.

WHAT DO YOU THINK? (Additional response-October)

Posted: 2006-10-22 22:03:29

Additional response for the question:  How can I strengthen my relationship with God--I feel so distant from Him, even though I am a Christian?

Try to pray every day.  Listen when you pray.  Give yourself into the presence of God.  Wait before the Lord.  Wait in His presence.  Love Him as you sit before Him.  Pray one hour, if you can.  On days when you have more time, pray twice or three times (remember Daniel prayed 3 times a day).  Keep pressing in, to let him know you are seeking His face.  He will notice.  He wants to teach us how to know Him.  If we don't really have the energy or desire to get closer to God, ask him for more energy and desire for Him. 

David N


Posted: 2006-10-21 21:29:24


WHAT DO YOU THINK about the Q and A below?


How can I strengthen my relationship with God--I feel so distant from Him, even though I am a Christian. 


In today's busy world, we can easily get too busy for God.  We have to keep fighting to strengthen our relationship with God. We make time for the people we really love.  If we really love God, we will find time for Him.

Ideas that will strengthen our relationship with God:

  • Prayer to God, on a continuing basis, that is honest, heart-felt, real.
  • Giving real worship, praise and thanks to God
  • Reading and study of God's word-the Bible. "For the word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the division of soul and spirit, and of joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart."  Hebrews 4:12
  • Gather together regularly with Christians who are excited about God.

E-mail any ideas/comments to

Prophetic Vision and Message from Sandra-South Africa (October)

Posted: 2006-10-19 14:53:14

Vision of Sandra    (South Africa)    8-8-06

Dancers dressed in white, all moving in unison, no one out of step. No dance leader, only the Holy Spirit. Each person represented a church or ministry. All were calling for Jesus to come. One was not united with the Spirit and with the others, not with real emotion or love. I am like that sometimes, I am so sorry Jesus. Always stay close to Jesus and stay in harmony with His Spirit.

Message from the Lord  to Sandra    (South Africa)     1-30-06     

The greater part of My Church is a cream colored chocolate chip muffin that looks and smells very good, good enough to eat, but don’t, it is full of greed, jealousy and all sorts of evil. I do not want it anymore. I chose you (Sandra) because I know you will do it, you will go and tell my church that I have had enough of their false goodness.  

I am going to do a new thing (the old church will fall apart in my hands). I will create this new creation as a sweet smelling and good tasting creation. I will do it and no one will help me. It shall rise up in my glory. It shall not tire, slide back or cause problems, it is rooted and grounded and steadfast in the truth.

Just do it. I (Sandra) must declare the message. I must not doubt.  

I invite you to be part of my church. Jesus then bends down and writes with his finger in the sand, “The Time is Short.” You know the truth yet you do not want to be made free. Break away, run away from iniquity. Go and deliver this message. Perhaps one will listen. It is pure hearts and clean hands that I want. 

Poetry by Amy Carmichael (October)

Posted: 2006-10-03 14:52:07

From prayer that asks that I may be
Sheltered from winds that beat on Thee,
From fearing when I should aspire,
From faltering when I should climb higher,
From silken self, O Captain, free
Thy soldier who would follow Thee.
From subtle love of softening things,
From easy choices, weakenings;
Not thus are spirits fortified,
Not this way went the Crucified,
From all that dims Thy Calvary,
O Lamb of God, deliver me.

Give me the love that leads the way,
The faith that nothing can dismay,

The hope no disappointments tire,
The passion that will burn like fire,
Let me not sink to be a clod:
Make me Thy fuel, Flame of God.