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Prophetic Word for 10-3-06

Posted: 2006-10-03 10:59:08

Word for 10-3-06 Get the word out. God wants his church back. He wants to see his people minister before Him, to each other, with the individual anointings on each one. My people are in captivity and have been held back from doing what I have called each one to do. Let the grandmother go so she can be all I created her to be. Let the young person go to bring forth what I have in them for this hour. Get the word out. God wants his church back. I want to come close to my people as you gather but all that you do gets in the way of what I want to do. There is so much pride and flesh, and backbiting in your hearts, that I cannot come as I would like. But if you desire me to come, and you prepare your hearts, and put away your ideas, your works, your plans, your offerings, negative thoughts about others and welcome the least the same as the greatest, then I will come. But if you want me to stay you must be in a hush as to what I do, and love each one with the deeper love that I will give you, and welcome each one to come forward as I direct, and you will enter a hushed realm of holiness where I speak through each one, you will know my voice in them, you will know that it is I speaking. You will know when I start, you will know when I end, come with reverence to each gathering, look for me to lead and I will. Get the word out. Where I have not come you are wasting your time. You must stop with the old so that I can come with the new. Do you want me to come and stay? I will come where your hearts are prepared and ready to receive me. I want my church back. You will become so tired of the old, for if you want me I will make you tired, bored of all you see, and famished to see and hear me. I am preparing many to speak and share and give forth what is in their hearts, I will have, what I have put there, come forth in one place or another, depending on where I am welcomed and I am free to work through any that I choose. I am ready to take you deeper, to the ankles, to the knees, to the waist and to swim in my presence. These are deep waters, do not be afraid, I am deep and I call to the deep in you to come. When the hush of my holiness comes you will know it. It is what you have longed for. It is what you were made for. Come, my beloved. My table is ready. You have been waiting for this and I too. It is the time. Come. Get the word out. Make a place for me to come; where hearts are prepared, where they reverence my presence, where I am the king, where I can do as I please through anyone in the room. It is the time to gather. Great darkness is over the earth but I will make “light houses” in many places with my presence and fire.

Prophetic Ministry News-October 2006

Posted: 2006-10-01 14:52:49



  • Warsaw, Ohio with Rick and Susan Parris, Good News Ministries.   Attend "The Watch", at the Mt Zion Celebration Center, Friday evening at 8 p.m.                                                                                                                      
  • Louisville, Kentucky at the Kingsway Fellowship International World Convention-Holiday Inn Hurstbourne, Oct 23-26.  PROPHETIC MINISTRY will manage a book and information table.  


  • Weekly Prayer, alternate Friday and Saturday evenings, 7 p.m.

  • Des Moines Ministry Base Church, Sunday evening, 6:15 p.m.                                                                                 

  • Des Moines, Iowa Prophetic Forum Meeting

Prophetic Word-Missouri Camp Meeting 9-11-06 (October)

Posted: 2006-09-11 14:50:26

This is the moment I have brought you to. In the next few days I call you to decide, will you see me alone, as never before?  Lift up your face to me and I will face you face-to-face as I did with Moses at the door of the tabernacle.  I confront you, my face to your face. Lay down before me and seek me. You may wait before me six days and on the seventh day I may speak to you.  In the next days I call you to make a decision, will you give your all to me?  I confront you now.

This is the moment I have brought you to, to bring you to your knees in total surrender.  All things that you have done to this point are under my scrutiny.  You know the things that I have pinpointed in your life.  The time is short.  There is a work that must be done.  I have chosen you to do it but there are others who will work if you should lag.  Whom have I to fill the gap?  I want to do this work through you. 

My call to you will take a laying on the ground before me, a continual invitation for me to remove what is hindering you, for you know not even all that must be removed.  I will come to you as a surgeon to remove things, desires, goals, longings that will hinder you.  As you lay before me and spend much time in my presence seeking to gaze upon me, I will be changing you, transforming you, transplanting into you new passions, feelings, and longings that will be after my own heart.

Come to me now, decide to have my complete transformation though you know not all that it will entail. Invite me to operate, transform, have my way, give me permission to do anything it will take to get you to where I want you to be.  Do not enter into this agreement with me lightly.  For surely I will know how serious you are before you do.  Press in over and over and over again to show me you are serious and surely you will see the beginnings of change that will in time be radical changes.  It is a great work I have for you and the time is short. 

I face you now face to face,  I call your name two and three times.  This is not a small step.  But I call you to complete surrender.  Lay down your life before me.  As my eyes look into your eyes and my mouth speaks toward your mouth, I will put my revelations into your mouth to speak.  You will speak the oracles of God.  The message of what I am thinking and revealing now must go out to others, to the person who knows me not, to the person who thinks they know me, and to strengthen the hands of the ones who I have already spoken this message to.  Yes, I the Father, am revealing my will more clearly then ever before and I want you to be free from all things to hear it from my mouth and speak it as my mouth.  If you are not free from all things more and more you will not have the holiness and anointing that must carry these words.  Yes, I call you all to be my messengers of my message for this hour to the church and the world.  All who I send you to must hear this rich message in my power.  This message will cleanse and prepare my Bride completely.  It is a sharp message, a two-edged sword message, it is fire, it will change people, it must be fire in your mouth but it must be carried by a vessel prepared by me with my heart and totally set apart in consecration.

I am waiting or you, I stand in front of you, I call you to make this decision.  Lay down all things.  Open up to me to change all parts in your inner man. If you say yes with all your heart and you come to the place of really meaning it, I am ready now to do this that I desire, you will see and feel my changes, keep on this narrow track every day and the changes will continue.  It must be your passion.

I want fire in your heart, I want fire in your mouth, I am the fire.  Run for me, seek sincerely, persistently, and hard after me.  Do not let up from this day forth.  This is my call to you.  I call you, I call you, I call you to this. 


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WHAT DO YOU THINK about the excerpt below?

Excerpt from the book  WHERE IS THE LORD IN OUR CHURCH SERVICES? by David Nelson

What if the Lord said in a service, you are not going to start with songs today but with prayer at the altar.  There will not be one sermon today but many testimonies.  What if at today’s service God chose that everyone was going to prophesy?  Are people even accustomed and open to hearing from God and being used by God themselves in a service?  Is the pastor open to the possibility that today everyone is going to prophesy?  In I Cor. 14:23-25, it says that if an unbeliever comes to your church service and all prophesy he will be convicted by all, called to account by all, and the secrets of his heart will be disclosed, and he will do three things, “fall on his face, worship God, and declare that God is really among you.”  First of all, our services should be completely directed by God.  Are all who attend a service open to God that he might use them to prophesy?  Will the pastor allow a move of the Spirit like this?  Second of all, if the world is still asking, "Where is their God?", it must be because they don’t see the living God in our midst.  But this unbeliever mentioned in I Cor. 14:25, fell on this face and declared that God is really among you.  We must ask, where is the Lord in our church services?  The Lord is seeking for a church (or even more than one church) in each city where he can rest or dwell and where he has freedom to work all his works.  He desires that the Church and the world might see his glory to a much great extent, even greater than it was in the book of Acts.  God does not want 90% of what is going on in church services to be man-made and 10% God made, but he desires 100% his works and manifestations.


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Journal Excerpts (April-2007)

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Writing in a journal helps you to keep track of thoughts during times of prayer and seeking God.  It is a running log of the thoughts God has been showing you.  Journal excerpts are noted below:

I am the Lord, depend on Me, trust in Me--cast all your cares to Me--In all your ways acknowledge Me and I will direct thy paths.  Think on good things.

Whatever talent you have--use it all--all for God--hold nothing back--a dying world needs Jesus.  They need to hear and know all He has done for you. 

Prophetic Ministry News- April 2007

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  • Weekly Prayer, Saturday evenings, 7 p.m.
  • Des Moines Ministry Base Church, Sunday evening, 6:15 p.m.


Des Moines, Iowa
Prophetic Forum Meeting

Rise Up Oh Man of God!

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Rise Up, Oh Man of God!
Have done with lesser things.
Give all your heart and soul and strength,
to serve the King of Kings!

We're not quite sure where this quote came from--but it's a GOOD one!

The Call of a Revivalist by Tina Dyer

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-by Tina Dyer.
I will attempt to help you understand the call as a revivalist. When
we look at others who have gone before us, it can help us with
where we find ourselves currently. Though we see through a glass
darkly, it still helps to catch just a glimpse of what we are going
through. We could be called "forerunners" or revivalists or "reformers"....
It can be seen as one who runs in front of the crowd. One who will
search out the best path for others who will soon follow. One who
will be the first to encounter un-plowed territory or land. Your vision
or perspective will be vastly different from others as your eyesight
will see from a completely different vantage point.You are much
like the "Pioneers" of old who headed west in search of new land
to settle in. They had to trail blaze through uninhabited land to
make a way for others to cross with ease. They were "way
makers" and "visionaries". What kept them pressing forward was
a dream, a dream that held great promise of a better land in which
to settle and grow strong roots.
This fire placed within you was placed there by the Lord of Glory
Himself. Knowing this is from Him will help us to continue in the
journey though many obstacles will be encountered. We press for
the mark of the high calling of Christ.
The cost is great. It could cost you everything you and then some.
You will be frequently misunderstood, rejected, slandered,
ridiculed, mocked, condemned, betrayed and left by your closest
loved ones. The greatest pain will come from those that you love
the most. It will come from friends who you thought to be faithful.
This walk is indeed very lonely. But yet He is asking, "Will you
follow Me as I lead?"
I can only pray that your answer will be " Yes, Lord, let it be unto
me, according to Your will".
Brokeness will be a requirement. He will insist upon it. To be a
vessel fit for His glory to reside and for Him to trust you,
brokenness must come. There will come a time when one will
begin to accept the refiner's fire and actually ask for more of it.
Those who have been given the revelation of just how precious
that refinement is, knowing that it is bringing us forth as gold. I
liken this brokenness to the story of Mary who sat at the feet of
Jesus as the pharisees rebuked her. She took the bottle of
alabaster and BROKE the bottle and the seal so that she could
anoint her beloved Jesus with her most precious gift. She wiped
His feet with her tears as she poured out her love to Him. Beloved,
YOU are that bottle that needs to be broken. When broken, the
fragrance of that brokeness will be so glorious before the Lord that
it will rise to His nostrils and be most pleasing in His sight.
The breaking brings forth humility and a contrite spirit which is of
great worth in the sight of the King. Continual resistance from
outside forces will only cause you to push in that much closer to
the Lord. To remain stagnant would be like death to a revivalist.
For it is built within them an internal push that cannot remain still.
Mundane routines are very hard for them to endure. For a fire is
blazing within them, the fire of a revivalist.
Like the pioneers of old, they will encounter great difficulty. Some
included impassable mountains, dense brush, severe weather,
sickness and disease, wild animals, hunger and thirst as well as
enemies. You can be certain there was much fighting in the ranks.
It would take a strong leader to endure through it all. The pioneers'
battles were mostly in the natural but what drove them to succeed
was a dream. Our battle will occur in the mind, the natural and in
the spiritual realm. But always keep in mind that the King of Kings
goes before you and will light your path. If He is for us, who can be
against us? He never said this walk would be easy. He only said,
pick up your cross and follow Me. He is still saying that today.
May our spirit be quick to say, "Yes Lord, I will follow You
wherever You lead".
Hallelujah to the King.......
The Lord will build His church and the gates of hell will not prevail
against it.

Excerpts from "Mountains of Spices" by Hannah Hurnard

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Excerpts from Mountains of Spices   by Hannah Hurnard,  Living Books,  1977

P. 34,  That person is so angry and (Dismal) and yet they are so starved for love and they don’t even know it. Just keep on loving them; it always wins in the end.

P. 35,  In that room (as we all fellowshipped together) was the most mirthful and contented (atmosphere) in the whole Valley (City), just as though a little bit of the Kingdom of Love had been transplanted down from the High Places (Heaven) to the Valley (Earth). Which of course was the case.

P. 45,  Why is everyone so wretched, miserable and dreary in this Valley? (Grace asked the Shepherd?) It is because they have broken the royal law of love. Love is the one basic law on which the whole universe is founded. A holy people are those who are set apart to love.

P. 46,  What is love? (Grace asked the Shepherd?) What I have shown you and what you have seen in me (the Shepherd). To accept all other human beings just as they are, however blemished and marred by sin they may be.

P. 48,  Flowers give whether they are seen or not. Fruit trees give whether they are thanked or not. The meaning of their existence is in the ministry of giving The sun gives warmth and light, waters come down from the mountains to give drink to all.

P. 49,  Find a way to become one with others (when you give love you seek to become one with the recipient).

P. 50,  You must not love some but love all.

Pgs. 70 and 71,  There is absolutely no experience, however terrible or heartbreaking or unjust or cruel or evil which you cannot meet in the course of your earthly life that can harm you (out of my will) if you will let me teach you how to accept it, it is only another opportunity granted to you of conquering an evil thing and bringing out of it the glory of God. (The Lord may allow physical harm to you or even death for His glory. This is hard to grasp completely but many hard things have been planned by God for some of the greatest saints of the past and can we today be open to how He may want to glorify Himself through us?) The Word says we are perfected through suffering.

P. 118,  Though the crocuses in this field are stepped on (there was no where to step, they covered the ground). But the flowers bounced back up after they were stepped on as though they were not trodden upon. The Shepherd said true longsuffering (the suffering of love) bears all chastisements, it bears quite happily everything that is done against it, reacts to the wrong doing of others as though no wrong has been done at all or that they had forgotten all about it. For longsuffering is really the lovely quality of forgiveness and bearing contentedly and joyfully the results of the mistakes and wrong doing of others. 

P. 119,  Nothing can true love destroy, she will suffer all with joy. It triumphs over wrong. Oh to love more-not less, strength to pardon and forget. 

P. 120,  Why must love suffer and why must it suffer long? It is because the very essence of love is oneness. I (the Shepherd) must suffer with them until they have become one with me.

P. 121,  Our Head (The Lord) feels all that we (the Body) feel. He is so one with us that He will not part even from the hardest, self-willed heart (until it is too late).

P. 133,  An empty altar is each soul, whereon the Eternal Love would place a quenchless, living coal from His own heart of love; to burn and yearn back where it came to union with the parent flame. Each person must make their choice, if the soul is left empty it will be hell, but it will become heaven where God and man unite. Christ is the Loving, Purging Flame, forth from the love of God he came, and seeks the empty heart. Receive the Lord from heaven above, in thee to live his life of love.

P. 134,  To love is to share oneself with others. As the grass gives itself to the cattle, and water to the thirsty, and as the sun gives light and warmth freely to the good and bad alike.  

P. 135,  You are afraid to die because deep down you know you have broken the law of life which is love. You have not forgiven and so you will not be forgiven by the Judge (before whom all will stand). 

P. 138,  Thy gentleness has made me great. Tis love that plans my lot, not fate. When gales and storms thy love does send, that I with joy may meekly bend (like reeds in the wind). Though others should resent my love, may I be gentle as a dove.

P. 139,  The fragrance that comes from these reeds (as they bend to the ground and then back up again) men call gentleness, sympathy and loving understanding. But this fragrance was developed by bending submissively to life’s hard and difficult experiences without bitterness, resentment or anger. (This takes the Lord’s patient training and His grace)

P. 140,  From start to finish as I have led you up to the High Places, it has been my perfect understanding of all her weaknesses and fears, and I have felt with her all that she has suffered. 

P. 142,  Love is gentle but love is terrible too. The greater the love the less it can tolerate anything that is hurting the beloved. For the perfection of the beloved (us) the Shepherd may have to allow much terrible suffering to perfect the beloved. (He is a consuming fire)

P. 143,  Can love be cruel? Yes. He loves thee far too well to leave thee in thy self made hell. 

P. 163,  Love comes into our hearts by accepting people as they are and bearing all that they do against you with forgiveness.

P. 171,  I led you by a strange and bitter path from that day on. What did you say to your self when I led you (to the end of yourself)? I said to myself, It is His love which plans this way for me, and I will trust Him and follow where He leads.

P. 227,  Humility is willingness to accept humiliation sweetly and unresentfully. 

P. 225,  Do not hold life’s joys but make room for so much more, with a willing heart let go, God will richer gifts bestow. He will lead to a wealthier place, let the old things go, we shall reap in some glad way, fairer joys than lost today.

Excerpts from "The Army of God Mobilizes..." by Rick Joyner

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January 8, 2008


Excerpts from "The ARMY of GOD MOBILIZES--We Must Have the Courage to Be Different, Radically Different" (Dave Nelson’s comments in parentheses)

Let us resolve this year to honor God with our devotion for having received the gift of salvation, to be a part of His Bride, and to be alive in the greatest of all times to serve Him.

There is an army gathering like no other that the world has ever seen. It will be both an irresistible force and an immovable object. Where it marches, it will conquer. Where it takes a stand, it will not be moved. That it is now gathering is one of the great signs that the end of this age is at hand, and the King will soon come to establish His Kingdom. It is time to prepare the way for the Lord. (Many are connecting with one another in many places, and where truth has “fallen in the streets” the Lord is restoring much truth to His people. They will raise up a standard of truth in each place. Many who have ears to hear will recognize this truth, will rally together, and their hearts will be knit as one.)

Those who are mobilizing to help prepare the way for the Lord are the ones who see Him. They see what others cannot now see.

The great army of God is now being mobilized in thousands of locations. It is going through basic training. The great emphasis upon the basics of faith is from the Holy Spirit. If we are not strong in these, we will be weak and easily defeated. However, those who have a strong foundation will soon have much built upon it. We are going higher. All of the gifts and ministries of the Spirit will go higher. The authority that He will entrust to His faithful ones will greatly increase this year.

A New Resolve in Leadership

Walking in leadership in His Church is a most serious matter. To be entrusted with God's own children cannot be taken lightly. If I entrusted my children to someone to take care of them, and then came back and found them sick, hungry, and filthy, I would not be happy! It is the ultimate honor and privilege to be entrusted with the Lord's own children, but it is also the ultimate responsibility. It is crucial that His people are prepared for the times. There will be a new resolve, a new seriousness, coming upon His leaders this year, but the result of this will be a great strengthening of His people.

We (as leaders who are being prepared by the Lord, as shepherds after His own heart) will resolve to only provide them (all of the Lord’s children) with the very best spiritual food and training. (Of course, all the gifts must come forth from His people in this hour so that the many-fold glory of God might be seen, and no one is to be more important than another).

This year we will see increasing signs that a recovery of basic honesty is transforming science. We will also see this in the Church as well. There are many doctrines that whole movements are built on that have no basis in Scripture, but are rather built on human preferences, in reaction to disappointments, or other problems in the Church. These, too, will start to flow back toward the mainstream of the River of Life. We need to build bridges between the common ground that we have with other parts of the Body of Christ, always treating those who are at least embracing the basic doctrines of the faith as sons and daughters of the King who deserve the greatest respect. (These bridges should not be a connecting with others at the expense of truth but as the Lord is calling us all back to His true ways, the Lord will give us a greater love for others that will help draw as many as possible into a closer and purer walk with Him.)

I was once walking around Buckingham Palace in London when I heard the Lord speak to me and ask what I would say if I ran into the queen. I braced myself because I thought this question was to prepare me to actually meet her and I did not know the protocol. I resolved to simply treat her with as much respect as I knew how. The Lord then said that I must always remember that the Church is His queen, and to always treat her with the utmost dignity and respect. I got the message. Even if you do have to bring some correction to a queen, you do it with the utmost dignity and respect--she is the Lord's own Bride--His Queen! (We must have such a new level of love, understanding, forbearance and a sensitivity in the Holy Spirit so that we don’t ignore or throw out some that the Lord wants.)

It is an unfathomable honor to be a part of the Church--how much more so to be one of her ministers, her servants. She may have many problems right now, but she is still His Bride that He loves. She will become increasingly awesome as these times unfold. God is in her, she is the temple. As Einstein considered it an endeavor worth his whole life to be able to comprehend even a tiny portion of the reason that manifests itself in nature, we have been given much more than that! The prophets of old longed to see just a tiny portion of the knowledge of the mystery of God that has been given to the least of the saints. We are also told that this great mystery is the union of the Lord with His Bride, the Church. This great mystery will now capture more and more hearts, resulting in its manifestation in His people. (This is what has been capturing my heart and I’m sure many others also, how can the Lord be closer to His people when they gather, how can we be closer to the Lord when we gather, how can His presence be more with us, how can He be more in our midst? We are hungry for more of Him, His glory, His fire, every day, when we are alone and when two or more gather in His name!)

The Bride is the Beauty of Holiness (and will be made more beautiful as we go higher with Him.)

The Bride is also an army. She is an awesome queen! She is glorious and beautiful, and growing in passion for her King. Even so, she will likewise be growing in a fierce irresistible devotion to truth, and the Biblical standards of morality and integrity. She will know how to keep her vessel with the honor and dignity that the true royalty in the earth have. She will walk in "the beauty of holiness" that is so compelling that the rest of mankind will begin to marvel at her, and be drawn to her and to her King.

Let us resolve this year to honor God with our devotion for having received the gift of salvation, to be a part of His Bride, and to be alive in the greatest of all times to serve Him. He has saved His best wine for last. Those who have eyes to see and ears to hear will begin to stand out in radical contrast to those who do not. We must have the courage to be different, radically different, never compromising the sure Word of God and His ways. If we do not stand out, then we are not standing up for the truth. This year the great separation, the great distinction, will become increasingly clear.  (We will turn away more and more from what is unholy and become more holy as He is.)

One way that this distinction between the true servants of God and the pretenders will be manifested will be by the spiritual food that we eat. It has been said that an army marches on its stomach, or that it has to be fed to have the strength to march. This year even better, richer, spiritual food will be provided for the army of God, and those who are in it will partake of it daily. Those who do not will begin to weaken and fall behind.

Only those who devote themselves to growing in the Lord actually grow. They care enough to seek Him and to seek spiritual food that He provides for them. Those who do not care enough to do this will fall increasingly behind this year. They have set their own judgment by what they really worship and give themselves to. This year the great distinction will become more clear, and every day the distance between those who truly follow the King, and those who do not, will become greater. Where will we be?

Does that sound too hard? Too serious? We had better get used to it. The spiritual drill sergeants are being released to get the army ready for battle. The less you like your drill sergeants when in training, the more you will love them when you get into battle. Like it or not, the battles are looming. Those who are obedient are assured of victory, but those who do not follow the King will pay a most terrible price. Follow the King!  *(Please see additional  excerpt below)

Rick Joyner
MorningStar Ministries

ElijahList Publications
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Albany, OR 97321
Phone 1-541-926-3250


*A short excerpt from “Rise Up, Put on Your Battle Armor” by Beverly Juelsgaard-Fischer

For I have called forth from the North, South, East and West, and some have answered My call.  Some have cried out to Me and said, “Yes, Lord, I will come.  Yes, Lord, I will do as you ask.  Yes, Lord, I have heard Your call, and I will be obedient to whatever you ask of Me.”  For there were times when there were few or none that answered My call, but you have seen the need for Me once again; and America, you have heeded My call. 

Though there will be a great shaking unlike any you have ever seen or heard before, it will not only be a shaking in the physical realm; for there is already a shaking in the spiritual realm.  For the heavens are shaking even now, as My call continues to go out for the weak and heavy laden.  For these are the ones to come forth in the days ahead.  For these are the ones who will be greatly needed, for they have known of the travesty of life.  They know how to survive and what to do, for they have lived through it already.  They have been prepared for that which is coming.  They know in their hearts of the hardness of it all and the overcoming that will be needed to get through it to the end.  For they have met the enemy face to face, and they have cried out to Me time and again, and I have answered their calls.  Though many of them are weary and literally beaten to the pulp, they will rise to My call, they will come forth into My light, for I was their salvation in the darkness.  I was the One who met their needs and I was the One who heard their cries in the darkness.  I was the One.  Just as I am the One to all, but all do not recognize Me for who I am.  But all will come to know in the days ahead.  All will come to know.