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Introduction and Comments by David Nelson for the writing by Clifford Hilbert

Posted: 2009-08-18 08:57:18

Introduction and Comments by David Nelson for the writing by Clifford Hilbert entitled “The Destruction of the USA

On 8-7-09 I received a lengthy prophetic word authored by Clifford Hilbert. It is entitled “The Destruction of the USA.” I feel it is a very significant word that I am making available for all to read. If you have any comments or insights about any part of this word please let me know what you see or think from the Lord and I will write you back.

I am not sure about every detail in Clifford’s word but I think as a whole it ought to be seriously considered. The 1st writing you will read present my comments on certain subjects in Clifford’s writing. I have not commented on all subjects, the rest is for you to think about and ask the Lord to show you what is right (or like Mary, Jesus’ mother, to ponder them in your heart). The 2nd writing will be Clifford’s writing “The Destruction of the USA” in its entirety.

Please realize, if you don’t like something Clifford has said or the way he said it, that we have many types of personalities in the Body of Christ that may express the same truths in different words and in different ways. As with myself, and I’m sure Clifford would agree, men can make mistakes, so go to the Lord and go to His Word. The Lord will show you the way.

1st writing --Comments by David Nelson

It has taken a forced isolation, an escaping from the gravity of earthly things and a degree of boredom to escape the things of the world to see more clearly the things God wants us to see. He will show you also many things if you seek His face diligently and will turn away from earthly “delights.” God will reveal many things to you if you seek Him and do not give up.

Christians of many different denominations do not realize that one of the highest things with God is love. Many Christians have very, very little of it. We should ask the Lord to show us how to love more, and really understand how He wants us to love Him and love each other more.

Many in the Church think they are saved but God wants us to understand what it really means to be saved. Jesus said, “This is eternal life, to know Him….” (Jn. 17:3) We must know the Lord and have a relationship with Him. We must talk to Him and know His voice when He talks to us. With this relationship we will grow in righteousness and become like Him in holiness. We are to know His voice, follow Him and love Him.

The Word of God is written but the Spirit of God must infuse the Word so that it is a Living Word to us (not just the letter but the Spirit and the letter).  Without the Spirit we will not understand the Word as we ought to, sermons will not be anointed, the oracles of God will not be spoken through us by the Gifts of the Spirit.  There is so much lacking today in sermons and teachings, we are not hearing from the throne of God, we need to hear "Thus saith the Lord" from those who are ministering.  We want fresh break from heaven!

It is not right the way pastors are treated as kings by the people of congregations. Every person has at least one spiritual gift, the pastor is just one gift (and often he/she has far over stepped their function), every person should be allowed to express their spiritual gifts as the Holy Spirit directs. The pastor may have to be silent and let all the people move in their gifts as God directs them. Then all will see that God is the King, and He will be more glorified by the abundance of variety of giftings that He is allowed to bring forth. The reputed leaders may just fall silent for a time to show that God is the center, when He is allowed to do anything He wants through anyone at any time He chooses.

The New and Old Testaments teach more about suffering and not that everything is going to go well for us all the time. The “faith” message  gives the idea that we can control our circumstances. Going through hard things deepens our character and makes the gold of our faith purer through various sufferings. A deeper joy will come from the firing of our gold. Not just a shallow happiness of “all good times” but a deep joy that everything (good and bad) works together to make us what He wants us to be. (there will be times of fire and times of rich blessings too). People are being deceived when they are told that they can control all circumstances with their words or their faith. Things do happen to us ordained by God in which we must keep our eyes upon God and keep trusting in Him even when hard things do not go away.

There is very little discernment in much of the Body of Christ today. Much of what is on religious programming today must be discerned as to what is of God and what isn’t. Asking for money all the time is not right, it stinks in God’s nostrils, and it stinks to anyone who can discern how wrong it is. Much of what is being taught is not anointed messages from the throne of God. Where is the Lord’s voice in all this that is being said? Where are those who can say, “Thus saith the Lord” with the Lord’s authority in their voices and their words?

For those who have been seeking the Lord in these last years God has been preparing us by various trials for even harder times ahead. We are being made ready. We are learning to have our eyes on the Lord alone and trust Him and understand His loving care. It would be great if we were whisked out of this world by the Lord before anything gets too bad. But I believe there may be greater trials ahead. Many “Christians” will not pass the tests that are ahead because there will be a falling away, a dividing line, with those who do not love the truth and want to believe lies and be comfortable on one side, and those who love the truth and who know their God on the other side. God Himself will send a strong delusion and allow them to believe a lie for those who do not love the truth but took pleasure in unrighteousness. (II Thess. 2:3, 9-12) We must not be in love with this world but love God and sacrifice to follow the Spirit only. There will also be a persecution of the true Church. Some will be imprisoned, some tortured, and some will be martyred (put to death) because of their faith.



The Destruction of the USA

Posted: 2009-08-18 08:47:58 by: Clifford Hilbert

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Destruction of the USA  by Clifford Hilbert

My name is Clifford Hilbert and God appointed me a watchman. He even chose my name for me before I was born. I am a watchman who stands on the edge of the cliff watching the fording place in the river, so that when I see the enemy coming I can warn the people. Standing there watching requires long periods of forced isolation, idleness, unbelievable boredom and great patience - the exact opposite of who and what I am. But that is what God chose for me and all I can do is obey. I have been watching for many years and now see the enemy coming. It is time to blow the trumpet in Zion and sound the alarm.

For years biblical scholars have been trying to figure out where the USA, the most powerful nation that has ever existed, fits into the endtime scenarios. No one has yet come up with the correct answer. Why? Because the USA will not be a factor in the last days. It will not exist in the form it does today. God is on the verge of destroying this nation.

Why? Because we have been filled with pride thinking that we created this great nation and that we are the ones responsible for the great abundance we have here. We, as a nation, have failed to realize that it is God who created this nation and God who has blessed us with such abundance, that it is He who has prospered us.

We, as a nation, have turned completely away from the Lord and gone our own prideful, arrogant, sinful and decadent ways. Materialism has become our god. Money has become our god. Our own fleshly desires have become our god. Our powerful weapons have become our source of faith, instead of God. “In God we trust”, the symbol which is on own currency, is a lie.

For Christians, their big new church buildings have become their gods. Their “rights in Jesus” have become their gods. Their “faith” has become their god. The Pentecostals and charasmatics are proud of what they think are their spiritual gifts, and they use these gifts with pride and arrogance against their other brothers and sisters in Christ. They fall for every wind and wave of doctrine that comes along, and have no firm foundation to stand on. They believe that they are the ones who cause prosperity and health by their words. They have taken God out of the equation and consider themselves as gods who make everything happen by themselves. They have forgotten that the greatest gift of all is love, something they have very, very little of.

The Baptists are proud that they are “once saved, always saved” — even though Paul “worked out his salvation with fear and trembling”, and the Lord told the church at Laodecia (a church, people who thought that they were all saved) “I wish that you were hot or cold. But because you are neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth!”

The Bible churches are proud that they alone know the real truth. Their pastors are all cemetery-trained and they know the Bible inside and out. They have dissected all the words and passages and can tell you the Greek and Hebrew meanings of everything in the Bible. They have discussed ten million times whether Jesus was fully human and/or fully divine. They know all the stories in the Bible, but they know nothing of the Living Word of God. There is no anointing in their sermons and the Word they teach is not “active and alive, and sharper than any two-edged sword” - it is dead , as are their hearts.

The Catholics are proud that their religion is the “only true religion”. They worship more false gods than the Greeks did — Mary and all the other dead people, the “saints”. They have made Mary part of the Godhead believing they need her to intercede for us with Jesus. The Trinity is now Father, Son and Blessed Mother. They believe that Mary has appeared all over the world and they worship the spots where there has been an apparition, even images on pieces of toast. I believe that there have been appearances at those spots - but no one has ever explained to them that Satan comes as an angel of light (a beautiful woman masquerading as the “Mother of God”) who performs great and mighty miracles that would deceive even the very elect, if that were possible. Satan has gotten what he wanted, the Catholics worship him instead of Jesus. His servants also come as angels of light, and masquerade as servants of righteousness. The priests are blind and consider themselves as little gods – unfortunately, too many of these “little gods” are child molesters. The Catholic Church conveniently shoves aside the Biblical requirement that priests must be from the tribe of Levi.

Methodists and Episcopalians are ordaining homosexual and lesbian ministers and priests. They are teaching that these abominable lifestyles are acceptable.

The churches worship their pastors as if they were gods and kings, and the pastors are filled with arrogance and pride. They want to build bigger churches so that they can have larger congregations that will inflate their egos even more. The shepherds have no idea what the word “shepherd” really means. They lift themselves up as great authorities, yet they have never learned that they are servants of the people. I have not yet met a pastor of any denomination who went out and sought a sheep that left his flock.

The pastors teach their flocks that “God is a good God, He doesn’t want you to suffer”, in direct contradiction to what the Bible says. The New Testament talks about suffering a lot more than it mentions blessings and prosperity. But that’s not “positive confession”, so they throw that aside. They teach them that “God’s promises are all for you. He wants to give you the desires of your heart. He wants you to prosper and be in good health. If you just have enough faith, you can claim your rights in Jesus and have everything you have ever desired.” No one teaches that Paul’s testimony was that he was hungry, thirsty, homeless, in rags, poorly treated, beaten and in chains. No one teaches what Jesus instructed them to do “Sell what you have, give to the poor and come, follow Me.” “He that does not give up everything he has, cannot be my disciple.” “Share in the fellowship of His sufferings” Claim those as your “rights in Jesus”!!!


Hosting a Move of God in Your Area

Posted: 2009-07-18 22:57:09 by: David Nelson

Hosting a Move of God in Your Area       by David Nelson     6-18-09

In 1998 the Lord said to me, I want you to go to other states, I will speak to My Church through you and show you how to help people start revivals in different places. The Lord was assuring me that if I went where He told me to go and sought Him with others that He would come and show us the way to revival. During my travels I learned that the Argentina revival began with a small group seeking God alone. They put away all their previous activities, they prayed and waited on the Lord, and they were always asking, “Did the Lord show you anything today?” The one thing the Lord showed them was that one lady was to hit the table in the room with her hand and that if she did that, revival would begin. After days of delay the message was still the same and so she finally hit the top of the table with her hand and the Argentina revival began! Days of weeping, praying, seeking, and the miraculous followed.

Now I am sure there are many amazing and true stories and adventures on how the Lord has begun true revival in different places, but have you experienced true revival? And if so, is that move of God (that you tasted) still continuing? Great desire for revival may still be in your heart but is the Lord actually moving in the midst of your group? If He is, please tell me how things are going. If not, if your move of God began and stopped, or as yet has never begun, I have a couple of true stories (or adventures of my own) to share with you that may wet your appetite. And also, at the end of this writing, I will give you a word from the Lord on How to Begin a Move of God in Your Area!

First let me share what happened in two different states that I visited over a period of about 3 years (1 ½ years in one state, and 1 ½ years in the second state). In the first state, at times we would meet every day for 7-10 days seeking the Lord, praying for revival, and singing unto the Lord. From time to time one man would give prophetic words that seemed to us to be right on. One night we felt led to lay a paper before the Lord describing the Azusa Street revival and we petitioned the Lord for a revival equal to or greater than that revival. And then we felt led to stay up till dawn, waiting before the Lord to show Him our earnest. Good things happened during that year and a half.

In the second state I visited we also experienced an exciting move of God. One pastor in that town was willing to stop all “normal activities” and even lose people from their church who didn’t really want such a “radical” revival. (God’s revival is one in which we want to stop all human, flesh, or man-made activities and seek only Him, and to have 100 % Holy Spirit inspired and led gatherings). And so, we began praying and seeking the Lord. Sometimes our gatherings would be in a home and sometimes in the church building and sometimes even at the street corner. We never knew who was going to come or what we were going to do, and we waited for His direction at morning, afternoon or evening gatherings. Sometimes we would meet every day for 7-10 days. We might meet in the morning, or the afternoon or in the evening (and sometimes we did all three). Some of the things that happened over a 1 ½ year period were revelations from the Lord, visions, dreams, corporate singing times where the music was written and directed by the Holy Spirit on the spot. One night we danced war dances and interceded for Africa and maybe other countries in the Spirit. One night we just wept and prayed all evening at the church altar till the Spirit lifted. One night we stomped our feet and drummed our hands around a kitchen table at a home (all of this began spontaneously from the Holy Spirit). This went on for a half hour or more as we made intercession by the Holy Spirit with percussion sounds for things only the Spirit knew. One afternoon a revelation came forth concerning the woman in the Scriptures who broke the alabaster jar of expensive ointment. The Lord showed me at that gathering that revival was now beginning to be an every day, 24 hour a day move for whoever would come. And wherever we would meet that He would be leading and creating His exciting, “spiritual happenings” every day (and even at night we would dream dreams and share them the next day). All this was happening month after month for about 1 ½ years. 

About 4 ½ years ago we began gathering in our own city (Des Moines, Iowa) to seek the Lord for revival. We met once a week for one hour with our main goal, prayer, seeking the Lord for revival to come into our hearts, for revival to come into our gathering, and for revival to come into our city, and even beyond the city limits also. That place where we met and that one hour a week became a sacred place that no longer belonged to us but to the Lord. There were different times where the Lord revealed things to us and where supernatural leadings came. One night in particular the Lord showed me something powerful. The Lord said that from now on what comes out of our mouths when we gather for that hour, at that place, will be heard by the Lord and what we ask will be done! Everything or anything that we ask He will hear and He will do from that place where we met. The Lord said that because you have sought me diligently, repeatedly and regularly that a place of prayer had been set aside and sanctified by Him and that we, from that place, could touch heaven every time, every week, that He would show us what to pray by the Holy Spirit and it would be done. I figured in time we would fully take advantage of what the Lord had said and had created in our midst. One thing we prayed for was that gambling machines in many public places would be removed, and that prayer was answered. All over Iowa the gambling machines were taken away from public stores.

We are continuing now in Des Moines, Iowa seeking and praying for a new move of God. And the word I have for all who read this is, The Lord is ready to begin His move of the Spirit in your area. Are you willing to begin? To begin, you must, like the Argentina revival, continually say, looking around at each person who sincerely wants this revival, Has the Lord showed you anything today? Whether you meet every day or once a week for one hour you must all have hope and desire and intensity and persistence to seek the Lord for His revival and not give up till it begins to come. At first, it may just be small things that happen but you will know they are from the Lord. Thank Him for every small thing and keep pressing in even when at times it seems nothing has happened. I assure you that something has happened in the heavenlies by your seeking. The God of all power and of all that exists has taken note. And He has said if you draw near to Me I will draw near to you. So please begin. Can you say, on such and such date we began, and we will never give up till His fullness of revival and the fullness of His presence comes? If you are hungry and thirsty for His righteousness you will be satisfied (by Him). And if your desire is for only Him in His purity then nothing will satisfy you except Him alone. Whatever you do, do not stop meeting regularly and hold on together to the same goal and vision for revival whatever it will take. You should be able to record things that the Lord does and see an increase in His presence and His fire in time.

He is causing a hunger in us for Himself and He wants to come into our midst. Revival is the Lord’s goal to change each one of us, that we might be closer to Him than ever before. When we are changed by His presence others around us will see that change, be drawn to Him too and be saved. By your invitation, I would be willing to visit your area to help encourage you towards experiencing revival. He has given me the gift to help people towards revival, so call or write me as the Lord leads you to do so. Blessings to you all in these exciting times and let all be for His glory!   *(This is the entire writing. You do not need to go to a second page)


What Does The Lord Want? by David Nelson

Posted: 2009-06-09 08:59:35

What Does the Lord Want?          By David Nelson           6-2-09

He wants us to know His heart. He wants to speak to us. The lukewarm Church has a lot of activities, but something is wrong. God is not in those activities. He is standing outside and says, If anyone will hear My voice I will come in and sit with them and sup with them. That’s what we want for the Lord to come in. He wants us to push aside all man-made activities (clear the decks) and seek only Him. How can we do this?

Imagine there is a haze over the Church where the full reality of God is being veiled. We see little glimpses of Him in nature(His majesty, His love, His creativity) in flowers (fragrance and beauty), the songs of birds, mountains, the day and night sky, and we see glimpses of Him in the church, but we want more of Him. What we want is for God to break thru to us more. We must seek His face, seek His presence, seek for God to manifest Himself and speak to us. This will be like fire coming down from Him, like bolts from above, like piercing rays of light that go deep into our hearts and spirits. I am looking for these shinny nuggets of gold and precious gems. For a long time I was longing for more in church services (whether they were small home gatherings or highly recommended conventions). Where is the Lord in all this we are doing? What does He want to say and do more in our midst? Are we letting Him come and say what He wants?

Here is what is needed and what He wants. If we stopped with our meetings and just said, “We are going to begin seeking the Lord. We want Him to come. We want Him to speak to us. We want Him to show us what He wants us to do. And we are not going to resume with our own agendas, ideas or normal routines until He comes to speak to us.” What will He say? How will we know when He speaks? We will know because His word is like fire and like a hammer that breaks rocks and He said if we seek Him diligently, with all our hearts we will find Him. Man’s words (not from the mouth of the Lord) make the people who hear them worthless. (Jer. 23:16) But who will stand in the counsel of the Lord to perceive and hear His word? (Jer. 23:18) Who has marked His word and heard it? I did not speak to these who prophesied, saith the Lord, yet they went ahead and prophesied. But if they had stood in my counsel (and heard My words) and then spoke to My people My words they would have turned them from their evil (My words change people’s lives!) (Jer. 23:21-22) He who has My words let Him speak My word faithfully. Is not My word like a fire? Says the Lord, And like a hammer that breaks the rocks in pieces? (Jer. 23:28-29)

If we seek Him we will find Him and He will come and manifest Himself through whomever has his heart set to seek the Lord. And when He manifests Himself we will know, and hear a “Thus saith the Lord,” we will know that He has spoken and revealed Himself. That is all I want anymore. All our activities and words are nothing compared to one word from Him. I want no more meetings with substitute things while we wait for Him to come. I want only Him and His Spirit things. Even if in one hour of seeking Him only one thing comes from Him then that’s all I want.

This is what God wants and He is waiting for some one who will stand in the gap, desiring only these bolts of fire from His presence


Revival in Every City

Posted: 2009-05-13 19:33:14 by: David Nelson

If you lined up 1,000 people from a thousand cities (or some from country areas), and God asked them, “Who wants revival?” They may all say they want revival. And the truth is, God is ready when we are ready. If we were one that said, “Yes,” then God might say to us, Do you really want it? Are you willing to seek for Me and My move in your midst with all your heart? What are your motives? Are they pure? Do you really want Me or glory for yourself? I will test each heart, says the Lord, to see what you really want, and I will burn up false motives and will prepare you to meet with Me. Some who say “Yes” may be willing to seek for a little while but then they give up. In the past, I the Lord, sought for one in a thousand to stand in the gap but found none. But now I am calling out with a clarion call and I know many will be ready to answer, “Yes,” because I am making my true Church ready for Me.

So, the Lord is willing to have a thousand revivals in a thousand different places with small or large gatherings, but our hearts must be made ready. Just like on Pentecost in the book of Acts the people said, What shall we do? This is what I would counsel hungry hearts to do. First, if you are hearing God’s call to this revival then you know that He has been preparing you and teaching you for some time now, how do we move ahead, what is the Lord showing us not to do, He is burning up “old” ways, uprooting things He never planted or are not in His plans now, planting His ancient” ways again restoring His true Church (His Bride is being perfected). He is establishing good truths in us to make us ready for step two. (Some of what the Lord has used to prepare me I have written in the book “Desiring One Thing.”)

Now, if people are on the “same page” together in a particular location (your city, my city, or your area of the country), they will need to pray. Ask the Lord for His revival (His coming to you) and do not stop asking till He comes. Knock on the Lord’s door and keep on knocking till He answers the door and His presence (and face) are before you. Seek the Lord (seek Him) and keep on seeking till He manifests Himself to you and you find Him. It may take weeks, it may take months, it may take a year or more (though the time may be shortened for the Lord’s timing and purposes in a particular location). The point is, you are never to give up (you must persist) till He progressively comes to you and reveals Himself more and more. Sometimes what He shows you (or the glimpses of Him) will be small. But you will know they are gold, they are His pure Light, and they are His fire. Thank Him for every small thing He sends. If one week there is nothing, keep pressing in. If in another week, there is only one small thing that happens (from Him), thank Him, and keep pressing in. I guarantee you by the Word of God and by His promises that He will meet you, that He is knocking and He will come in and sup with you and you with Him. You should be seeking Him in your private prayers and also with a few others corporately (if there are others who want what you want). I guarantee you that if you sincerely draw near to Him He will draw near to you. If you make baby steps toward Him, your hearts will get purified by the fire of His presence, He will be running toward you as the father ran to His broken (prodigal) son.

At times it will be a hard road seeking Him when others may mock you and say, “Where is He?” But we at Prophetic Ministry have tasted of this kind of revival in Louisiana, Georgia, Missouri and Iowa.

Now, we are embarking on a new seeking of the Lord here in Des Moines, Iowa. We are preparing a place for Him to come and we will keep you informed as to how it goes in the next weeks and months. Are you seeking Him where you are? If so, let us know how it is going? How the road has been for you? Maybe your story could be passed on to others to encourage them in their seeking of the Lord and His revival?

Revival has already begun in many places. It begins in our hearts, as they are being purified, the old being burned up that God has no need of, and what is His precious gold remains, this is pure and holy. Revival is Him coming to us and giving us fresh bread every day, never day old, new every morning. We don’t want our works but only His works. We’re sick and tired of fleshly efforts and only long for Spirit guidance. Let us know some of your journey. We love you in the Lord. What a great revival is now unfolding!

A Standard of Truth is Rising Up

Posted: 2009-04-29 11:33:05 by: David Nelson

Raise the banner. The Lord is our banner. A banner can be very beautiful and colorful, with all the colors of the rainbow. It can represent all the truths God is restoring to the Church, that reflect His character, that show what He is like and who He is. Truth has fallen in the streets but the Lord is raising a standard. He is showing us more and more who He is and what He wants.

There are many things being revealed to us by God today (but so much of it was already in the Word (Bible), but just not seen as clearly as now). He wants to come to us, be with us, show us who He is, as friend and as mighty King. He wants to speak to us more, and He will through the various spiritual gifts He has put in His people. As we gather He will speak through these gifts. Let the least speak. Let the greatest speak. Let all speak as the Lord gives unction and anoints, in the order He chooses. Let there be meetings 100 % led by the Lord. Let there be meetings with no time limit and no limit to what God wants to do. Let Him be the King over our meetings. Let Him draw near as we welcome Him. He will love us as friend and as Father and as Brother. And we will love Him as His glory falls on us.

The truths of what real revival is must be taught and restored to the Church. A building is not a must requirement but just a place for Him to come. More people are not a must requirement but two or three or as many who will. Our hearts must be right to welcome Him with pure motives and a holy expectancy. Come Lord Jesus! I could spell out what the Lord is looking for but many who read this are hearing already much of the plans of the Lord. *(I have spelled out in my book “Desiring One Thing” how the Lord is preparing us for this revival that is happening even now. What must we be seeing to be ready? Read 3 chapters of this book for free (on our web-site Home page, bottom of the page “Read Now”). Also, if you want to read all 8 chapters for free, please send me your request).

How do we get this revival that the Lord alone is creating and sending? Knock and keep on knocking (don’t give up till He opens the door). Ask for it and don’t stop asking until He sends His revival to your heart and into your midst. (He will come with the revival, for it is He Himself coming, that is revival). Seek for it, better yet, seek for Him, and keep on seeking till you find Him! He has said in His Word, when you seek for Me with all your heart you will find Me. I will come to you. Is that what you want, for Me to come to you? Yes Lord, Yes Lord!

Many truths concerning the Tabernacle of David, God’s presence, 24 hour a day revival, 7 day a week revival, the Lord’s glory falling on us till we can’t stand up, and do not want to stand up, these are all part of revival. Break us Lord, melt us Lord, use us Lord to love the lost and reach the lost as only you can through us. Bring people together Lord. Break down the walls between us and between our hearts. Knit our hearts together. Let perfect love come and let all fear be cast out and rule us no more. Let us ascend your mountain of love. Love for you that consumes us. Love for one another never before known or seen. Your perfect peace, joy and love to take over us.

All the details of what we need will become clear in God’s perfect time. Let us enter Your secret place and the perfect rest You have for us.

What are the truths we need to know? (Read “Desiring One Thing” and let me know what you think? There are other books and many other voices that are saying the same thing in different words.) Are you ready to go with this revival? All that the Lord is saying now is preparing us for His fuller coming to us. He is preparing a people for Himself. (Lk. 1:17)

Voices are crying out with the Lord’s heart. Yes it is in the Word, but the Spirit is calling out now, making clear His message. Today, when you hear His voice do not harden your heart, but give heed and accept it, let it go down into your inner most heart and let it have it’s work and grow. His banner is rising. Let us have ears to hear. He is sharpening us in His truths so that we can live them and give them out to all who are hungry and thirsty for His truth and for the Lord Himself. All will see this banner. They will see Him. His glory will be upon us. Give us more Lord, give us grace to hear and receive all that you have for us now. What a wonderful, colorful banner. His standard held high for all to see.

Fire and Revival

Posted: 2009-04-29 11:33:02 by: David Nelson


“Our God is a consuming fire.” He wants to burn up the dross and sin in our lives and purify us as fine gold, like silver heated up seven times to keep cleansing us more and more.  He is a refining fire to change us so that we offer right sacrifices to Him. He burns with fire to destroy sin and may burn up the individual whose heart is not right or who disobeys His commands (as the two sons of Aaron the High Priest and the one who tried to steady the ark of the covenant (which was only to be touched by those appointed to carry it)). He also came to Moses and the people of Israel with fire  and smoke on His holy mountain in the Old Testament (And to Moses alone at the burning bush).

Jesus said He would baptize us with the Holy Spirit and with fire. Tongues of fire were on the heads of the anointed disciples at Pentacost. So what does the fire signify?

In our vocabulary today we have such phrases as: he has a fire in his belly (great motivation to succeed), or his heart is on fire with passion for someone or something. It says in the Song of Songs in the Scriptures that love is as a fire that cannot be quenched or put out (even by many waters).

So, do we have a fiery passion for anything or anyone? Maybe at times in our life we have been ablaze with desire for knowing God and/or His causes. It was said of Jesus, “Zeal for God’s house has consumed Him.” He was so angry and passionate about the Temple (God’s house) as it was being desecrated by dishonest money changers and God’s holy things being used for the wrong purposes. “My house shall be a house of prayer but you have made it a den of thieves.” Zeal is heat, anger, fire in your heart for God and for His holy things and ways. In the Old Testament there was a man named Phineas who burned with the zeal of God (he had the same zeal and felt the same as God). He impaled a man and a woman with a spear as they strutted before God not fearing God’s holiness and righteous commands.

Now, when you add the word revival to the word fire what do we mean by revival fire? Jesus is calling His Bride (the Church) to come close to Himself. It is a wooing into a much more intimate relationship than we have known before. This call to a deeper walk and a deeper love for the Lord will create a new zeal and fire in our hearts for the Lord. I call this individual revival. It is a restoring to our hearts the Lord’s rightful place in our desires, affections, and He becomes our supreme focus as the things of the world grow dimmer. As the famous song says, “Cast your eyes upon Jesus, look full in His wonderful face, and the things of earth will grow strangely dim, in the light of His glory and grace.” This is revival fire, God restoring us to our true destiny, in pursuit of our Lord. Song of Songs sets forth this mutual attraction and pursuit of our Lord and His bride to be.

Also there will be corporate revival fire. When a person has spent time in the presence of the Lord in prayer, spent time before His throne, a fire or anointing gets on their feet, their hands, their faces, and even our clothes. (see Exodus 30:22-33 and Ezek. 44:6-19) Moses had this experience where his face glowed from being in the presence of the Lord (but then it faded with time). But the Scriptures say in the New Testament that our anointing will not decrease as Moses’did but we will ascend from glory to greater glory by the Holy Spirit. Be aglow with the Spirit the Scriptures exhort!

When the Lord speaks to us His words become fire in our hearts and in our mouths when we speak with His anointing. (True prophetic words are like fire in our mouths and like a hammer that breaks rocks, see Jer. 23:28 and 29) It also says in I Cor. 12:6-11 that when we move in a spiritual gift it is inspired (or God breathed) by the Holy Spirit through us and it becomes a manifestation of the living God. Is this not anointed fire from heaven! Yes, it is, and when each one at a meeting flows with the fire of God from one heart to the hearts of all present, all must admit, God is in our midst, He is speaking, He is making Himself known, He is a consuming fire and we are conduits of that fire to each other.

This is corporate revival fire. It is a greater fire than just one alone (one stick burning) but it is a whole pile of sticks and logs burning in a greater fire to the greater glory of God! Yes, God vehemently yearns over the spirit He has put in us, that we might love Him alone with all our heart and soul and strength. But He also wants a people who gather around Him and flow to one another with His fire. He is in our midst, He is our King, His presence is to be manifested with His multi-faceted beauty and glory in a gathering of His precious children. The love and oneness He wants to teach us will also add to the brightness and true nature of who He is.


He has always wanted this. He wanted it in the Old Testament at His Holy mountain but the people said no, they just wanted Moses to hear and speak for God. But God still called some up to Himself and 70 elders (plus others named), and they went up, saw God in a glorious way, and ate together. (Ex. 24:9-11) God wants to be with us again in even a greater way than anything we have read about or experienced before. It is His time, He is preparing a Bride for Himself, nothing will stop Him from having a Bride without spot or wrinkle and one that is passionately in love with Him. We must hear His call (and many of you do, I know). He is building and perfecting and making a people ready for Himself. Oh what a glorious hour we live in. Please keep hearing His call and have an ear to hear, and do not say “no” today when you hear His voice. Wonderful blessings to our great God and Savior, the Father and His Son Jesus!

Christ Arose

Posted: 2009-04-09 01:22:35 by: Robert Lowry

Low in the grave He lay, Jesus, my Savior!
Waiting the coming day, Jesus, my Lord!
Vainly they watched His bed, Jesus, my Savior!
Vainly they sealed the dead, Jesus, my Lord!

Death could not keep his prey, Jesus my Savior!
He tore the bars away, Jesus, my Lord!

Up from the grave He arose,
with a mighty triumph o'er His foes;
He arose a victor from the dark domain,
And He lives forever with His saints to reign;
He arose!  He arose!
Hallelujah!  Christ arose!

Fresh Bread from the Heart of God

Posted: 2009-04-01 08:09:40


(Some of my own thoughts and some quotes from Frank Viola’s new book “From Eternity to Here”)

There are two themes found throughout the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation. One is a love story between Jesus and His Church. The other is God’s desire to be with His people in a place that He can call His house, His home, His dwelling place. He wants to be with us.

This story of love in the Bible begins with Adam and Eve (Adam being a type of Jesus and Eve a type of His Bride, the Church). The apostle Paul says that the oneness of marriage (between a man and a woman) relating to Christ and the Church is a great mystery (Eph. 5:32) that has been hidden from the beginning of time but is now being revealed to us. I will look at 5 women in the Bible to show how they picture Jesus pursuing the Church as His Bride and us pursuing Him that we might know Him.    PART I will show how Jesus and the Church are being drawn to each other in this hour as never before, and that this relationship will culminate in the marriage supper of the Lamb. What is happening is similar to how a man and woman are drawn to each other and eventually become one in marriage. PART II will describe from the Old Testament and the New Testament how God is desiring a house or a home, a place that He might meet with His people, a place where He can dwell in our midst, be with us and us with Him, that He might reveal Himself to us more.

PART I   Jesus and the Church (His Bride)

EVE-  Adam had a DNA hunger in himself (put there by God) to love someone exclusively and that someone  would love him exclusively. Eve was created from the rib of Adam (taken out of his side) with Adam’s DNA in her to be loved by Adam and that she would also love Adam in return. Adam took Eve to be his bride and the two became one. In God, in the Father and in the Son, is also a DNA that we should love God exclusively and that He would love us with such passion that it is also like a marriage bonding us into one. We are to love God with all our heart and strength and soul and He loves us so greatly and unconditionally and wants to take us as His Bride, be one with us, and marry us (the marriage supper of the Lamb in heaven that is to come). And so Jesus is wooing us and pursuing His Bride and we are being drawn to pursue Him and be one with Him. (see p. 49 of “From Eternity to Here” by Frank Viola)

REBEKAH-  Here we have the father (Abraham) who is rich in great possessions and who has everything; the son (Isaac), the father seeking a wife for his son, sending his best servant (the Holy Spirit) to invite a woman to be his son’s wife. In Gen. 24 we see the servant guided by the Lord to the right woman (chosen by God). He has been instructed by Abraham (the Father) to go to Abraham’s original home area to invite the right woman who must be willing to leave everything to come to this unseen husband and a new land. She must make a break from all that is familiar to her to marry a man she has never seen, in a land that is new to her. (We must hate our own father and mother, our wife and children, our brothers and sisters, and even our own lives, to leave everything and follow Him, or we cannot be His disciple). It is an adventure and she must be convinced by the servant sent to her that she must go. If she will not come, there will be no wife. Her family tries to delay her 10 days but the servant says, No, I must get back to my master. It is up to her alone (Gen. 24:57, 58), her family says to her, “It is up to you?” She says, I will go. Both Isaac and Jesus had miraculous births and were offered by their fathers as sacrifices on Mt. Moriah (future Jerusalem). The Father and the Holy Spirit are seeking a wife (Bride) for the Son. (see ps. 94 and 95, Viola book)

THE SHULAMITE WOMAN (from the Song of Solomon)-  Solomon (the king) falls in love with the sun-tanned Shulamite shepherdess. She is not royalty but the king loves her so much regardless. She also falls in love with the king. As they pursue one another their love grows. He describes many parts of her anatomy that greatly please him. Just as the Bride of Christ is made up of many individual servants of the Lord, He (the Lord) loves each one individually and has an intimate relationship with each one, as much as He loves the whole Body for all that they are together for Him. Frank Viola explains that the Lord loves His Church corporately and that corporately they will be all that He desires and dreams of, but that He loves each one of us deeply (as though each of us alone was all there was), “loving each part of the Body as much as He loves the whole.” (p. 115, Viola book)


Bible Prophecies

Posted: 2009-03-17 08:45:51 by: David Nelson



What must be fulfilled in the coming days. Some things are taking place now and some may still happen in our lifetime:

  1. There will be a prophetic voice crying out again. Just as John the Baptist was the first prophet in 400 years to come forth, and was a voice crying out, “Prepare the way of the Lord, make His paths straight, make straight in the desert a highway for our God, make ready a people prepared for the Lord,” there will be in the last days “Elijah” coming again. (Lk. 1:17, 3:4, and Is. 40:3) It says in the last two verses of the Old Testament, “Behold I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord. And he will turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers,….” (Mal. 4:5, 6) Now again the Lord is making a way for Him to return to us and us to return to Him, and restore what He has always wanted for His Church. His Bride will be made to be without spot or wrinkle.
  2. The Tabernacle of David that has fallen down will be lifted up again, rebuilt, and set up in these last days. (Acts 15:16, 17) This will cause the nations to seek the Lord and all the Gentiles to come in who are called by His name. The teachings of the Tabernacle of David are in I Chronicles and in II Samuel. Included in the restoring of David’s Tabernacle is 24 hour a day worship, prayer, music and prophetic words. There will be joy, praise, prophetic songs, musical instruments, dancing, singers and other wonderful things from the Lord. (See I Chron. chapters 6, 15-17, 25 and II Sam. chapter 6) The Tabernacle of David is not an “old law” being reinstituted but a freedom and closeness to the Lord that He showed David and He wants for us now. Also, it is not to be accomplished by one method or another but as the Lord leads 100 %. Azusa Street is an historical example of gatherings that went 24 hours a day led by the Holy Spirit alone. Add to this Holy Spirit led and heavenly music, dance, prophecy, prayer, worship from the Lord with Him in our midst. It will be glorious, powerful, and amazing, not seen before like this!
  3. There will be and it is now taking place, individual and corporate revivals, moves of God, and revival fire. After David and the prophets associated with him instituted the Tabernacle of David there were resurgences of revivals under King Asa (II Chron. 15), King Hezekiah (II Chron. 29 and 30), King Josiah (II Chron. 34 and 35), with feasting, prophetic words, joy, music, 24 hour a day worship, songs of the Lord, musical instruments, etc. Even just before Jerusalem was to enter a final fall prophetic messengers were sent out to warn and invite to revival, but only the bad and the good from the highways and byways came. (II Chron. 36:15, 16, Matt. 21:33-43, and Matt. 22:1-10) As there were revivals under various kings in different generations (with a restoring of David’s Tabernacle and prophetic teachings from God), so there will be in our time. Times of refreshing are coming even now from the presence of the Lord. Heaven is keeping Jesus till the time of the restoration of all things which God has spoken by the mouth of all His holy prophets since the world began. (Acts 3:19-21) The latter glory of God’s house shall be greater than the former glory. In Is. 60:1-3 it says, “And the glory of the Lord is risen upon you. For behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and deep darkness the people; but the Lord will arise over you, and His glory will be seen upon you. The Gentiles (nations) shall come to your light, and kings to the brightness of your rising.”